Vitality CEO Suggests Methodical Approach To Wellness


The CEO of Vitality USA, Tal Gilbert, is very happy that more and more companies are adopting the Wellness programs of the company. His company provides employee wellness programs that will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. These awareness programs are well received by a lot of companies.

Gilbert is very happy with the kind of wellness programs that his company offers.  He says that his company uses technology, clinical signs and incentives to come out with the best wellness programs. His company is data driven.

The clinical science includes all types of data like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded ‘The Global Burden of Disease Study’. The incentives in the program can be contributions from the company towards a healthy savings account, Starbucks gift cards or Amazon gift cards.

Gilbert took up the job of the Chief Executive Officer of Vitality USA just a year ago. He was in charge of the product development before this and has been working for the company for 15 years.

He, along with his teammates had gone about understanding the needs of the clients and also communicating to the staff members as to what they are doing. This was very helpful in coming out of the health and wellness program for the employees.


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