Are your Genetic’s impacting your weight loss goals?


A study has come out this week from the UK in regards to how are own inherited genetics are partially responsible when it comes to how we maintain certain levels over overall health. By looking at a pool of over 10,000 people research shows that certain individuals did show genetic markers that make them more susceptible to developing obesity later on in there life.

However while that might sound like it is out of your control, many doctors are coming out and stating that we still have a lot in our own control, namely how we individually approach the topics of fitness and dieting. Those individuals who work out multiple times per week were found to be at a lower risk for Obesity and in overall better health. In addition individuals who diet in a sensible manner, designed for weight loss, are still able to combat any effects that this gene might be providing.

So while we are in an age in which we are beginning to crack the code on what our genetic makeup actually reveals more insight into our own personal development, it’s important to note that good old fashion dieting and exercise is still of the utmost importance to leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.



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