Author Marywinn R. Lent’s newly released “My Precious Shepherd (Psalm 23:1–2): Volume One” empowers and inspires readers to strengthen their relationships with God.

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“My Precious Shepherd (Psalm 23:1–2): Volume One”: a candle that will help others penetrate into the dark recesses of this world and light the way for discouraged, despondent, and dejected people all over this Earth. “My Precious Shepherd (Psalm 23:1–2): Volume One” is the creation of published author, Marywinn R. Lent. Marywinn graduated from Savannah High School in 1963 where she was a majorette for three years. She then attended the University of Georgia where she met the love of her life, George Lent. They met in May of 1966 then married that December. She graduated from UGA with a BS in education with a major in speech therapy. George graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine. In June of 1968, George and Marywinn moved to Hilton Head Island. They have five children of their own. After spending two years in Russia, their five Russian orphans came to live with them for nine summers on their farm in the Smoky Mountains. While in Russia, they also met a Liberian daughter who lived with them for the five years she attended college. They currently have seventeen biological grandchildren and another six “adopted in their hearts” grandchildren from their Russian and Liberian children.

“God has made Himself so very plain to me in my life and in the last fifty-years with my husband. We have seen His hand working for us, with us, and to us. My desire is to first reach our family and to show that God is alive and well in a very mighty way in the life of all of His children.” –Marywinn R. Lent

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Marywinn R. Lent’s new book helps readers develop their relationships with the Almighty. The relationships most people share with the Lord are so superficial that they do not see or understand His presence. The author’s goal is to help readers recognize that God can be seen in everyday life. She wants to help them realize that all people can live their lives in the presence of the Almighty God by entering into the holiest of holies with Him each day. The daily walk with the Lord should be lived in the conscious presence of God as people carry out their mundane duties of life.

View a synopsis of “My Precious Shepherd (Psalm 23:1–2): Volume One” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “My Precious Shepherd (Psalm 23:1–2): Volume One” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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