Breathe Safe International Launch Sentry 4 Life Support Respiratory System to Meet New PPE Regulation


Scunthorpe, UK — 01/11/2018 — Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) specialists Breathe Safe International has launched the Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System after a rigorous 3 year redevelopment and testing programme, to meet the most up to date and current PPE directives and regulations.

The Sentry 4 System has been certified and approved in line with the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation becoming legislation in 2019 and has been EU Type Approved under the supervision of the notified body, British Standards Institute (BSI), CE 0086.

The Sentry 4 is designed for on land industrial use within hazardous atmospheres immediately dangerous to life and health including oxygen deficient atmospheres for up to 4 wearers simultaneously. This Category 3 Complex Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) provides the highest grade of protection from the most harmful environments.

Its purpose is to protect workers in a wide range of specialist applications and industries internationally, from refineries to petrochemical industries, emergency rescue services to industrial cleaning.

The 4 man life support breathing system includes:

– Two piece locking anti panic helmet design
– 4 independent air supplies with “fail open” design
– Built in lifeline retrieval system
– Full duplex, expandable, integrated and internationally approved ATEX communications
– Universal, one size, flame retardant face seal
– Over 20 years of excellence in safety

The anti panic, light weight breathing helmet with its universal size, flame retardant face seal offers the ultimate in safety and comfort while providing hands free, full duplex, Atex approved communications.

Additional safety features incorporated include, duplicated air channels with fail safe automatic changing between channels, light weight emergency cylinder and EEL, fully independent emergency escape line air system.

Air management has never been easier, with each wearer having colour coded air channels throughout the system and a simple on off Control Module allowing air flow to be easily identified and monitored.

The Control Module receives air from storage cylinders via independent supply manifolds and reduces the breathing air pressure to supply the helmets. A simple pneumatic, non electrical warning system is used to warn the operator when the cylinder contents are low.

The unique Manifold configuration allows the storage cylinders to be interchanged live without interrupting air supply to the wearer, allowing for long duration use while reducing the risks associated with entry and egress of hazardous areas.

The sheathed, colour coded Umbilical delivers independent air channels to each helmet, alongside an integrated, hard line communication cable and a stainless steel life line retrieval cable.

The umbilical weight is distributed through the helmet yoke harness and onto the Sentry 4 body harness via the rapid link points, relieving the strain on the wearer. Other linkage points offer fall protection to the wearer allowing for vertical descent or recovery. The emergency egress cylinder can be attached to the harness via the pouch at multiple points and can be adjusted to the wearer's preference.

The Sentry 4 Breathing Apparatus Helmet has a unique universal fit, flame retardant, neoprene face seal which moulds to fit all face shapes and sizes and incorporates an adjustable head harness which the wearer can adjust for comfort and fit.  The locking two piece clam shell helmet incorporates, twin, automatic demand valves which operate independently. The light weight, Kevlar reinforced helmet shell is fully flame retardant and is available in block colours to suit your preferences.

The integrated Communication headset within the helmet offers clear uninterrupted communication with all other users, while the embedded microphone located in the top of the face seal, suppresses unnecessary breathing noise ensuring crystal clear speech.

The intrinsically safe, Atex approved, long duration communication module is powered solely via batteries and as such the whole Sentry 4 System requires no external electrical power source. This ensures the system stands fully independent during times of rapid deployment or shut down situations where electrical sources are unreliable or unavailable.

In the extremely unlikely event of catastrophic air loss to a helmet, the wearer can independently deploy the egress cylinder whilst engaging the EEL system, allowing for the wearer to escape the hazardous area.

The Sentry 4 Inert Entry Life Support System is manufactured using approved manufacturing and monitoring processes to ensure all equipment conforms to the current legislation and our own quality system, certified to ISO 9001 2015.

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About Breathe Safe International
Breathe Safe International is committed to ensuring that every worker remains safe whilst working in the most hazardous breathing atmospheres known to industry. With over 30 years of experience in sectors such as emergency service fire and rescue, catalyst handling inert entry and manufacture engineering, Breathe Safe International is one of the industry leaders in providing bespoke RPE solutions for hazardous environments including sales, training, testing, inspection, maintenance and repairs.

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