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Brian On The David Webb Show

The David Webb Show

Brian O’Shea, CEO & Senior Investigator at Striker Pierce Investigations on Tribal Courts Decisions affecting Native and Non-Native American rights

Shakopee Tribal Courts, run by Non-native American Lawyers paid by the tribe, are essentially passing judgments that flagrantly disregard the rights of Native and Non-Native Americans.”

— Brian O'shea

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2017 — Brian O'Shea speaks to David Webb about “Rule 10” and the potential injustices that are being committed against Native Americans, Non-Native Americans, and current child custody laws by the Shakopee Tribe (One of the wealthiest and powerful tribes in the nation.) His focus is the Shakopee Native American Community is essentially running Minnesota and looking to expand the power of the Tribal Court over non-native Americans.
He further explains, that the “Shakopee Tribal Courts, run by non-native American Lawyers paid by the tribe, are essentially passing judgments that flagrantly disregard the rights of non-native Americans on and off the reservation.”
Points of Interest of Discussion on the Show:
• Shakopee also provides lots of donations to the Democratic Party.
• It was widely rumored in Washington DC (where I live and operate my investigations firm) that “If you want to do business with Shakopee, talk to “Tom Daschle.”
• The current chief tribal judge at Shakopee, previously led the Bureau of Indian affairs at Dept of the Interior. It was during his time with BIA that Shakopee's wealth exploded through the blocking of casino licenses by neighboring tribes AND states as well as favorable land dispute decisions where he ruled in favor of the tribe. He now rules over all courts in the Shakopee Tribal system.
• The Tribal Courts in Minnesota are pushing to pass “Rule 10” which will essentially force the State of Minnesota Dept. of Justice to enforce tribal court decisions on AND off the reservations for native Americans AND non-native Americans alike. Jessica Ryan, the lead counsel for Shakopee, has attended every hearing.
• Shakopee essentially holds sway over all tribes in the State.
• Shakopee earns an estimated +$2.5 Billion in casino revenue annually and owns huge stakes in some of the key revenue producing businesses in Minnesota (including the Mall of America and the Minneapolis International Airport.
• Tribal Courts do not allow any court decisions, court procedures, or court filings to be available to the public, on or off the reservation.
Finally, some Minnesota parents are currently suing the Minnesota Dept. of Health and Human Services and Scott County as they did not allow their respective cases to be heard by county court, but instead (and unconstitutionally) allowed the Tribal Court to hear the custody cases, all of which took the children away from the non-native American parents and put the kids into the Tribal Foster Care system (the native American parents were not given the children due to felony drug and domestic violence charges.)
Shakopee is currently using mixed parent custody battles as a legal litmus test to usher in the elements of “Rule 10.”

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