CDA Explains Long-Term Career Value of a Perfect Smile



These days, anyone heading out into the job market is going to find stiff competition, and they’d best be armed with the most perfect smile possible—especially if the job they’re trying to get will really enhance their career. The hiring manager across the desk from them will be reviewing dozens or more applications, and will most likely—thanks to time constraints and other pressures—be making snap judgments about each applicant.1 They’ll be looking at those interviewees straight on—and those smiles will be right there at center stage. It’s a fact that crooked, discolored or missing teeth often carry the unfortunate connotation of untrustworthiness, unfriendliness or even ignorance, even though such subconsciously-made associations are generally untrue. CDA brings the most brilliant of grins to career-seeking patients daily.

Oral appearance is an especially important issue if the job being sought is in the service industry, or involves face-to-face interaction with customers. The “state of the smile” can weigh heavily on any hiring decision for such positions. If smiling is part of the job description—which is often the case when it comes to customer service or other public-facing jobs—then that smile must be confidently presented. People with poor dental health don’t have the confidence of someone who has good oral health.2

“I’ve seen it proven time and time again that dental aesthetics translate into financial success,” said world-renowned cosmetic dentist John Moore, DDS. “Ninety percent of my patients face the public in professions such as public speaking, leadership, management and highly motivated sales roles. People seeking success in such professions often come to us.” Through Dr. Moore’s sense of aesthetics, an incredibly realistic look is brought to patient smiles, as compared with the unnatural appearance which is all too often the result of work done by non-specialists who advertise cosmetic dentistry.

Not only can a below-average smile lose a job during an interview, but it often causes someone to be less aggressive in simply looking for jobs, thanks to embarrassment and its resulting introversion and lowered self-confidence.1 And it can even affect job performance, as dental pain and discomfort can mean more sick days taken from work. Repairing the condition, on the other hand, can mean an increase in work productivity.

The answer for anyone facing such issues is to schedule a dental exam and x-rays with a good dentist. This will begin the journey to the winning smile that you desire—and, in fact, need for optimum career achievement in today’s world.

About Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA)

World-renowned cosmetic dentist John Moore, Jr., DDS, established Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA) in San Antonio, Texas, more than 35 years ago. Educated as an artist and seeking the pinnacle of artistry for his profession, Dr. Moore is a pioneer of true aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, CDA is among a select group of ultra-modern cosmetic dental offices that can offer patients treatments with solutions designed in an in-office dental lab. Visit

About John Moore, Jr., DDS

Dr. Moore decided to dedicate his life to dentistry after an orthodontist literally saved his smile from buck-toothed ruin at a young age. In addition to the run-of-the-mill training in traditional math and sciences done by most dentists, Dr. Moore took the highly unusual step of engaging in formal art education, as well. This combination has enabled a career of creating beautiful smiles that sparkle: life-like, diamond-cut teeth that have empowered his patients to command the careers and live the lives they’ve always wanted.

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