Charles Gladfelter of Hanover PA Launches Massive Local Donation Drive for 2018


Hanover, PA This year marks the year of transforming lives and using influence to encourage philanthropy. This is what Charles Gladfelter aims to achieve for 2018. He believes that a paradigm shift is necessary to raise awareness and translate passion and desire to a larger network. He understands that goodwill is not a one-person job. To help society at the grassroots level, he admits that a greater number of hearts must be tapped.

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist reveals his intention “to look beyond the horizon and have a larger impact.” Furthermore, the well-known Hanover philanthropist believes in “increasing the potential of giving by opening up new doors and opportunities for seasoned as well as up-and-coming philanthropists,” he said. This year, he plans to “kickstart something that has a far wider reaching range than ever thought possible,” he added. As a result of his efforts, members of the organization bear more fruits in philanthropy. One of the members, Jane, reveals, “I am thankful for how Charles has explained how philanthropy works. Now, I am able to give and at the same time connect with other donors. We look forward to creating projects within the local community that we are assisting.”

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist believes in understanding the needs of the community instead of dictating their needs. He is persistent in his advocacy of long-term commitment in raising the grassroots from poverty, from generation to generation. He is persistent in reaching out to a national and international level as well as on the local scale and believes in implementing careful monitoring and evaluation as a means of valuing donors. Check out the Charity Guide by Charles Gladfelter Hanover PA.

In light of empowering their local community, Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist accepts not just financial resources, but time and capabilities as well. He believes that donors can be empowered to use their existing knowledge and network to expand their circle of influence to other donors. They call this level of cooperation the bottom-up model. Meanwhile, the group appreciates studies that reveal active participation in philanthropy and its link to better mental health. Philanthropy can give happiness and satisfaction. On the business aspect, this results in tax savings and puts corporate social responsibility at the core of the business. This, in turn, increases customer loyalty and improves a positive brand image.

Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist believes that philanthropy starts from being more aware of the surroundings and the people that need help. He advocates small things that can be done like giving extra food and clothes to those that lack. Get involved in their efforts for a better location donation drive that brings more impact and results.

Call them at (717) 524-1235 or email [email protected]

Drop donations at 210 Krug Avenue Hanover PA 17331.

Check out the guidelines for philanthropy at

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Company Name: Charles Gladfelter Hanover Philanthropist
Contact Person: Charles Gladfelter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (717) 524-1235
Address:210 Krug Avenue
City: Hanover
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States


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