Cuomo’s Corrupt Justice Center Ensures Most Sex Crimes Disappear


Jonathan Carey “Champion for the Disabled” Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Governor Andrew Cuomo set up this agency to bury and cover-up thousands of sexual assaults and rapes of women and children with disabilities

I am calling for Governor Cuomo to immediately resign for his involvement in directing the criminal cover-ups of staggering numbers of sexual assaults and rapes, the sex crimes, within his agencies.”

— Michael Carey – Advocate for people with disabilities and their families

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2017 — Astronomical numbers of sexual assaults and rapes are occurring within Governor Cuomo’s mental health agencies. The scope of the cover-ups of these sex crimes being committed against vulnerable New Yorkers is hard to comprehend, the numbers are so great. Governor Cuomo has ignored this specific group of people’s safety and equal rights and has refused to take significant actions to stop or prevent these most heinous crimes and atrocities. Cuomo has taken dramatic steps and actions to protect and shield sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists within his agencies from being fired and prosecuted. What I am bringing to light through the Jonathan Carey Foundation is true, the sheer numbers and blatant illegal activities do not lie.

Here are the staggering State numbers obtained through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests of reported sex crimes within just one of the six State agencies under Governor Cuomo’s control- OPWDD;

• 325 reported sexual assaults and rapes of people with disabilities every three months

• Almost all sexual assaults reported to Cuomo’s fraudulent and corrupt Justice Center never are reported to local police or county prosecutors, they are not treated as crimes

• Only 3% of sexual assaults and rapes of the developmentally disabled will ever be reported, making the real numbers of sex crimes within OPWDD close to 43,000 annually These horrific numbers represent approximately one third of the OPWDD residents being sexually assaulted in some form or raped every year.The Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) which just lost a federal lawsuit that an amazing New York Times Whistle-blower, Jeffrey Monsour, brought forth is rampant with sexual abuse and rapes . Here are some of the reasons why these sex crimes within Cuomo’s agencies are rampant;

• Incompetent and completely insufficient background checks that allow sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists, even those with known histories to be easily hired in Cuomo’s system

• Purposeful under-staffing of direct care workers and supervisors, especially on evening and night shifts when most of these heinous sex crimes occur

• The absence of surveillance cameras to deter these crimes from happening and to catch these sexual predators

• Untrained and improperly vetted male direct caregivers allowed to bath women and little children alone

• Untrained and improperly vetted male direct caregivers allowed to transport women and little children alone in vans with darkened windows with no surveillance cameras

• Untrained and improperly vetted male direct caregivers allowed to do female personal hygiene, Peri-care, on women and young girls alone

• Incompetent management personnel that are grossly over-paid that are willing to do anything to keep their lucrative jobs. Most management staff compromise their own conscience and commit even greater crimes to protect themselves from losing their job and in doing so protect dangerous sexual predators and rapists of vulnerable people under their care

• Staff are trained to report sex crimes internal to Cuomo’s bogus internal abuse hotline for the disabled, instead of reporting these crimes to 911. This was set up purposefully by Governor Andrew Cuomo to keep local police and emergency medical personnel from being able to respond, investigate and document these crimes

Governor Cuomo claims that he is a champion for women’s rights but his actions prove otherwise. Governor Cuomo ensures that most sex crimes reported internally to his abuse hotline are covered-up. Governor Cuomo has directed these activities and has allowed them to continue ignoring literally hundreds of letters, emails and pleas by Michael Carey, the Founder of the Jonathan Carey Foundation, for him to cease and desist from these illegal, discriminatory and unconstitutional practices.

Governor Cuomo has ignored the New York Times Editorial Boards call for his repentance, over four years ago. The New York Times Editorial Board blasted Cuomo for doing nothing to stop these horrors;

“Two-and-a-half years ago, The Times reported horrifying abuse of people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses by state employees, who were rarely punished for it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised action. But too little appears to have changed.”

“There is much the governor could do. He could require surveillance cameras in these facilities, just as prisons have them. He could make sure that the police get more involved.”

The Editorial Board made these public statements because Governor Cuomo ignored the massive New York Times “Abused and Used” investigative reporting series which was a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize .

Governor Cuomo is directly involved in a very sick and illegal scheme to protect and shield most sexual predators from firing and from prosecution. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s willful actions to protect these sick individuals allows these sexual predators to thrive and violate God only knows how many more innocent victims. Governor Cuomo has been involved in the cover-ups for over a decade .

“I am calling for Governor Cuomo to immediately resign for his involvement in directing the criminal cover-ups of staggering numbers of sexual assaults and rapes, the sex crimes, within his agencies.” – Michael Carey

I am calling on all people to get involved and to please simply do what God puts in your heart to do to help stop these atrocities. Please help us and financially support us as we continue to be a strong voice against this evil. We corporately, without question, can bring about vital lifesaving and discrimination ending changes. No longer can 911 and local police be bypassed. 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual assaults and rapes and also obviously the physical assaults, significant injuries, medical emergencies and deaths. Currently, in New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed these sex crimes, including all deaths, to be internally reported to another one of his agencies where almost everything disappears, most are covered-up. The corruption and fraud surrounding the insufficient and horrible care of people with disabilities within New York State cannot continue, countless precious people remain in extreme danger.

Please donate and help us by supporting this vital Civil Rights Movement.

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
email us here

The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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