Demand for Standardized Measurement Systems Soars as Behavioral Health Care Stretches to Meet Joint Commission Deadline


“Leadership needs to embrace the use of outcome measures”


When reached for comment about the increased demand a longtime proponent and leader in the field of Feedback Informed Care, Dr. Scott Miller had this to say, “I'm getting several emails a day now from administrators asking about the measures.” I reply, “ROM is not about measuring outcomes, it's about improving them. A stethoscope, for example, is not used to merely count the number of heart beats, but as a tool to help identify when to intervene. Getting clinicians to administer the scales is easy. I can teach them in three minutes. Using them clinically, is a very different process that requires a change in thinking and culture.”

The issue at hand is that the revised standards are designed to push organizations beyond data collection to the meaningful use of data to inform and improve treatment. The Joint Commission has tried to highlight and educate Administrators on the difficulties they face “…change management should become the organization’s focus. If staff are simply told they must use the instrument to fulfill a Joint Commission requirement, chances are implementation will not be highly successful. Leadership needs to embrace the use of outcome measures and convey to staff why it is important and how it can be helpful to increase clinical effectiveness of both staff and individuals served.”

Cindy Hansen, Clinical Director of MyOutcomes, a full-service quality improvement platform, had this to say about the looming deadline, “I have been following the Joint Commission regulations with interest, as I expected, they continue to align with the MyOutcomes vision. What I'm seeing today is a lot of growing pains as organizations struggle to move into this new Era of Feedback Informed Behavioral Health Care. Our team of experienced implementation advisors is working to insure organizations are getting the full implementation and training support they need although, for many, it is a mammoth undertaking.”

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