DentaVacation Announces Special Offers for Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico


The dental services facilitator has announced special offers and attractive packages for dental tourists in Los Algodones, Mexico to combat dental problems.

Press Release updated: Sep 8, 2017 14:35 EDT

​DentaVacation’s promotional offers are valid for dental treatments, such as crowns, bridges, and dental implants in Los Algodones. Missing or broken teeth are a prevalent occurrence in many American adults.

This not only ruins their health but also alters the shape of their jawlines and faces. This disfiguration leaves the patients with a lowered self-confidence and affects their day-to-day social interactions.

The advent of technology has led researchers and doctors to team up for creating highly effective treatments for these problems but the costs of these procedures are so high in the U.S. and Canada that most patients forgo the medical attention they direly need.

The simple solution is to head south of the border just about 10 miles from Yuma, Arizona to get affordable top-notch dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Why Los Algodones for Dental Tourism?

Los Algodones is considered the “molar capital of the world,” and is one of the sought after dental tourism destinations because of the following:

  • With more dentists per capita than anywhere else in the world, the availability of dental healthcare professionals and trained staff is a huge plus point
  • The bilingual staff is competent and considerate, helping the patients make a smooth transition to better oral health
  • Its location just across the border from Arizona significantly allows patients to cut down on travel costs
  • With exquisite restaurants and shopping centers in the city, the stay is a memorable experience and a wonderful opportunity to explore the popular Mexican culture and cuisine
  • The lower cost of living considerably reduces the prices of dental procedures

Why DentaVacation?

DentaVacation provides dental work at a leading clinic in Los Algodones. Some of the highlights of the clinic are:

  • Affiliated with the ADA (American Dental Association)
  • All dental work has up to five years of warranty (terms and conditions apply)
  • The in-house labs ensure the quality of dentures, crowns and other materials used for procedures
  • The cutting edge technology is handled by highly qualified doctors and staff
  • The only Dental Clinic in the region with the prestigious “International Patient Services Certification” by the MTA.
  • Their partnership with “Hacienda Los Algodones” gives the patients a chance to stay in a fantastic hotel while recuperating, and the prices are highly discounted for the clients
  • CT-Scan and Digital Panoramic X-rays on site make the tests easier and save time
  • A specialist is available for each procedure
  • Dollar payment is accepted at the clinic to make financial transactions quick and easy

Dental Tourism Offer

Getting dental work done with DentaVacation not only ensures the highest quality of care but also provides its clients with an array of facilities and complimentary services to make their stay in Los Algodones as comfortable as possible without weighing on their budget. Some of these services included in the packages include:

  • Three-night free stay at Hacienda Los Algodones
  • Free therapeutic laser procedure with any implant treatment
  • Free airport transportation
  • Free night guard with crown restoration treatment

A detailed list of the offers can be found on their website and the lack of hidden costs ensures that the dental tourists can make financially sound decisions responsibly.

This inclusion of services in their packages is a noble attempt to make the stay in Los Algodones, Mexico a comfortable and affordable experience for medical tourists and is a reason for them to rejoice in this opportunity of availing great healthcare at great prices. 

Source: DentaVacation

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