Drug gang expert responds to Canadian government efforts to block organized crime infiltration of cannabis industry


VANCOUVER, Nov. 24, 2017 – The Canadian government on November 21st announced proposed regulations for the legal cannabis sector, requiring every Licensed Producer to implement an Organizational Security Plan to prevent infiltration by Organized Crime.

Spire Secure Logistics, the only known security firm in the cannabis sector with serious operational experience related to organized crime investigations, reacted.

“One of the government's key premises for legalization was that it would get organized crime out of the cannabis business,” said Spire CEO Andy Richards, a 34-year law enforcement veteran who led high-profile investigations of organized drug crime. “Anyone who has worked operationally fighting organized crime knows that won't be easy, but this is an important step in the right direction.”

“The illegal market for cannabis is worth billions of dollars. Organized crime is heavily involved in every aspect. They won't give up without a fight.”

“Gangs have already demonstrated that they can worm their way through loopholes in the attempted regulation of cannabis. Tightening those loopholes is essential to the safety and credibility of the industry.”

The Spire team brings decades of regulatory and law enforcement experience to bear, led by experts with international background in covert and undercover operations to infiltrate and disrupt organized crime including outlaw motorcycle gangs, cartels, and other violent gangs.

About Andy Richards:

Andy Richards spent thirty-four years in Canadian policing, retiring in 2015 as a Deputy Chief Constable. He specialized as an investigator, supervisor, and manager of complex covert investigations. He led many of the largest, most successful and highest-profile organized crime investigations in British Columbia, often targeting organized crime groups and prolific offenders who controlled or targeted elements of the illegal, grey, and legal medical marijuana industries. He is a court-recognized expert regarding the Hell's Angels. As Deputy Chief and member of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, he was involved in the dialogue with Health Canada regarding marijuana regulations.

About Spire Secure Logistics:

Spire is a security and intelligence company with expertise in law enforcement training, high-risk mining security, and the cannabis sector. With services including compliance, information technology, buildout design and security program implementation, Spire aims to be the global leader in designing security programs and solutions for the legal cannabis sector.

SOURCE Spire Secure Logistics

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