DuPont Global Business Leader Speaks on Refinery Technology Innovation During Trendsetters Panel at ERTC

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As refiners need to be more and more agile to survive in a highly competitive market, such flexible technologies can be of great advantage, particularly when cost pressures come at the same time as increasingly rigorous regulation.

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During the Technology Trendsetters Panel on November 14, 2017, at the ERTC, Europe’s largest downstream oil industry event, Eli Ben-Shoshan, global business leader, DuPont Clean Technologies, highlighted the critical role technology innovation must play in offering refineries flexibility.

Speaking to more than 600 refining industry professionals in Athens, Greece, Ben-Shoshan said, “With so many new refining technologies available in the marketplace today, the focus of refiners should be on efficiently and economically re-configuring processing units to meet current fuel demands and increasingly stringent fuel quality and environmental regulation.”

The DuPont Clean Technologies global business leader acknowledged the struggle innovators face with adoption of new technologies, but pointed out that early adopters will see real benefits, such as a competitive advantage and more flexible operations. He cited the example of the recently launched DuPont Clean Technologies ConvExSM HF alkylation conversion technology, which provides refineries with the first cost-effective solution to convert volatile and toxic hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation units into safer sulfuric acid alkylation technology. This new technology also offers refiners the opportunity significantly to increase capacity for producing high value alkylate at 40 to 60 percent of the cost of a grassroots sulfuric acid alkylation unit of a similar size.

“As refiners need to be more and more agile to survive in a highly competitive market, such flexible technologies can be of great advantage, particularly when cost pressures come at the same time as increasingly rigorous regulation,” Ben-Shoshan explained. “By developing pioneering technology solutions like the new ConvExSM conversion technology, refiners gain access to a cost-effective new option that will safeguard their refinery personnel and surrounding communities, and at the same time produce increased volumes of valuable, high quality alkylate to meet market demand.”

Matthew Clingerman, regional engineering manager, DuPont Clean Technologies continued this theme at the ERTC, speaking about IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing and Mild Hydrocracking technology, developed by DuPont Clean Technologies with a similar goal of simultaneous economic and emissions benefits in mind. His presentation outlined the value such technology can bring refiners in terms of equipment reduction, capital and operating expenditure benefits, as well as catalyst performance enhancement. Such advances in technology, due in this case to improvements on the conventional trickle bed design and an innovative world-class catalyst, are key to enabling the refining industry to move forward.

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