Dyslipidemia Drugs Market Share Research by Applications and Regions for 2017-2025


San Francisco, CA — 11/30/2017 — Global Dyslipidemia Drugs Market: Overview

Dyslipidemia is a cardiovascular condition consisting of changes in the amount of lipids in the blood. Dyslipidemia can manifest as either lack of or excess of lipids in blood; hyperlipidemia, the condition of having excess lipids in the blood, is likely to retain dominance in the global dyslipidemia drugs market in the coming years. Chronic dietary and lifestyle issues necessitate dyslipidemia drugs, as the disease takes a considerable time to develop. However, diabetes and similar afflictions of the endocrine system can also affect the lipid levels in the blood and cause dyslipidemia.

The global dyslipidemia drugs market has been driven in recent years by the steady rise in the prevalence of cardiovascular conditions. Dyslipidemia is a major contributing factor to cardiac conditions, in particular, as lipid imbalances cause extra stress on the heart.

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Global Dyslipidemia Drugs Market: Key Trends

The rising prevalence of imbalanced diets and unhealthy lifestyles among the masses, particularly in developed economies, is the prime driver for the global dyslipidemia drugs market. A large share of citizens in major urban centers are devoid of major physical activity and lead a largely sedentary lifestyle. The conventional preference for elaborate meals has been replaced by a rising demand for fast food, which is more convenient for urban corporate employees. This has had a major influence on the global dyslipidemia drugs market, as the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diets is the prime cause of dyslipidemia, which further greatly enhances the risk of ischemic heart diseases.

The presence of a steady research framework to study dyslipidemia has been helpful for the global dyslipidemia drugs market. Academic institutions studying cardiac conditions are crucial to the global dyslipidemia drugs market, as their guidelines are vital in determining the healthcare framework accordingly.

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Global Dyslipidemia Drugs Market: Market Potential

Dyslipidemia is becoming a serious concern among HIV-AIDS sufferers. HIV affects the cardiovascular system of the patient to start with, which leaves them prone to conditions arising from their inability to manage the system. Dyslipidemia is the primary result of cardiovascular ailments, leading to its strong association with HIV. As a result, discovering dyslipidemia drugs specifically for HIV sufferers with dyslipidemia has become a strong theme in the medical sector. Statins such as pitavastatin and pravastatin thus hold considerable promise for the global dyslipidemia drugs market. The global dyslipidemia drugs market could be affected significantly by any developments in this area, as HIV-AIDS is a growing concern in the modern world.

Global Dyslipidemia Drugs Market: Geographical Dynamics

The global dyslipidemia drugs market is likely to be dominated by North America in the coming years due to the high prevalence of dyslipidemia in the highly developed region. The urban citizens in North America are a key consumer group for the global dyslipidemia drugs market. The rising health consciousness of the population in developed economies could also propel the global dyslipidemia drugs market.

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Despite the dominance of North America, Asia Pacific is likely to exhibit sustained, rapid growth in the global dyslipidemia drugs market in the coming years. The rising prevalence of ischemic heart conditions and stroke, of which dyslipidemia is a key cause, in dynamic countries such as China and India is likely to ensure sustained demand from the Asia Pacific dyslipidemia drugs market in the coming years.

Global Dyslipidemia Drugs Market: Competitive Dynamics

The global dyslipidemia drugs market is dominated by AstraZeneca, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Inc., Sanofi, and Merck, who are likely to hold a dominant collective share in the global dyslipidemia market in the coming years. Other leading players in the global dyslipidemia drugs market include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cipla, Daiichi Sankyo, Amgen, and Eli Lilly.

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