FEBC Recommends Adopting a Healthy-Pet Mentality as the Holiday Season Comes to a Close


Press Release updated: Dec 27, 2017 12:00 PST

SAN RAMON, Calif., December 27, 2017 – ​​The holidays are nearly over, but until the decorations are put away, all family members are back home, and the New Year’s celebration has successfully brought in the new year, pets may continue to feel that holiday stress. Such stress can come out in isolated behavior, acting out, or even digestive issues. To keep up with your pet’s health any time of the year, Financial Education Benefits Center will soon add a discount membership benefit centered around pet health, including discounts on medical services, pharmacy needs, and even lost pet recovery.

The holiday season can encompass the whole month of December, culminating in a New Year’s celebration. For humans, the holidays are a busy time of year that often involves a lot of family time, decorations, food, and travel. For pets, the holidays can mean extra treats when no one is looking, special toys the humans always take away, unfamiliar people, and a lot of noise.

“The greatest gift we can give our pets is good health,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC. “But sometimes including them in our holiday festivities does the opposite. I’ve seen so many nervous and stressed pets at holiday parties that just want things to go back to normal.”

The greatest gift we can give our pets is good health.

Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC

In order to give the gift of health to pets, owners should keep some things in mind. In addition to the stress that change might bring to pets, holiday decorations and food can pose potentially dangerous problems. Christmas trees can topple if pets play around them too aggressively; tinsel and other decorations can cause havoc if ingested. Cleaning up after the holidays is essential to pet health. If pets do get into something they shouldn’t have, medical services can be expensive. FEBC’s pet care benefits can help mitigate those costs through discounts at participating veterinary facilities.

For those attending or throwing a New Year’s party where pets will be present, it’s important to keep all food and drinks either covered or attended so the pets don’t help themselves. Also, pets should have a safe space to go to if they need to hide; that’s especially true if there will be fireworks in the area. FEBC’s pet care benefit offers a one-time credit for pet boarding and a pet recovery service in case a furry friend gets scared and escapes.

“Pets can inspire happiness in their owners, and it’s only fair for owners to do what they can to reciprocate,” said Martinez. “Our pet care benefit helps owners do that through discounts on medical services, prescriptions, and even toys. Whatever your pet needs to be happy, we’ve got you covered.”

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