Finger Shape Can Determine Personality and Health


Many people don’t know that you can tell a lot about a person by simply looking at the shape of someone’s fingers. Now, you may think this sounds silly, or even dumb, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you read about the following three finger shape types, Type A, Type B, and Type C.

Type A

Those who are considered Type A have pinky fingers that are even with the top line on the ring finger. People with Type A finger shapes find that they are not as open with others, and can present themselves as strong and independent, when it may not be the case. They are emotional and have a strong dislike for liars, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

These people tend to be more reserved with emotions, but are known to be arrogant and eccentric. These folks are not very tolerant but do like to help others, as Type A people have big hearts. They will finish any task you give them, and their mood is written all over their faces.

Type B

Type B people are characterized by a pinky finger that is above the highest line on their ring finger. This type is composed of people who don’t like being the first person to take action or approach others. These folks are devoted and loyal, giving full attention to loved ones.

Those with type B fingers can be characterized as sensitive, yet very committed, and will see any project to the end. Being as sensitive as they are, they are scared of being hurt and are known to remain calm regardless how uncomfortable a situation makes them.

Type C

Those who are type C have pinky fingers that end below the top line on their ring finger. Type C people are easy to forget things that anger them and do not hold a grudge. They are possibly the healthiest of the finger types because they do not carry a great deal of stress around. Yet, on the other hand, they do not like territories that are unknown. In fact, it really bothers them to deal with the unknown.

Type C people are known for being respectful toward the opinions of other people but can come across as bossy at times. Their egos tend to flare when arguing with others, but they are very quick to apologize. Don’t expect these people to share their feelings and problems, as they like to keep them to themselves. However, what you can expect is someone who is straightforward and will be there for you, if you need them.


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