Health Scholars to Transform Healthcare Education and Training


New venture to leverage innovative technology for improved patient safety, increased clinical effectiveness, and enhanced patient experience

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2017 — Health Scholars is a new venture created in August of 2017 to combine SIMnext healthcare education and training courses and the SimCore enterprise platform to create a revolutionary cloud-based system for hospital performance improvement. Health Scholars uses advanced simulation, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and gaming to engage learners and impact quality, safety, and patient experience.

“Clinical and skills training are often stale, tedious, and detached from results,” per Gary Durack, Health Scholars CEO. “Health Scholars increases the effectiveness of training and education by leveraging analytics to identify areas of need, matching the identified need to optimal experience-based training, and then measuring the impact and return-on-investment.”

“Health Scholars focuses on outcomes, not just the training process.” said Brian Gillett, Health Scholars CMO. “As a Patient Safety Organization (PSO), Health Scholars affords federal protections to support the collection and analysis of information arising from trainings and patient safety events, ensuring that information is kept confidential and allowing organizations to focus on the important work of improving performance and results.”

By identifying root causes of both errors and near misses, and then prescribing the right training to achieve desired outcomes and ensure goals are met, Health Scholars helps to instill patient safety as a habit and address the challenges of team-based care delivery while providing federal protections under the Health Scholars PSO.

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Mike Honchock
Health Scholars
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