Maine’s Susan Collins Was A Hero Of Health Care, But Now She Is Being Portrayed As Villain By Advocates


This summer, Susan Collins received a welcome of heroin Maine this summer after she obstructed efforts taken by her fellow Senate Republicans to revoke the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Since her move at the airport, she received the applauds of crowds, flower by activists and thank-you cards.

After just less than six months later, the protesters returned to the Bangor airport, declaring “Shame” and hoping to greet her with signs of “Shame”. However, Collins didn’t show up. She stayed in Washington last week after voting in favor of Senate’s tax cuts, dashing hopes among activists and Democrats that she would confront the leadership of the GOP once again.

For popular moderate, it has been a dizzying turnaround, the only Senate Republican left from New England.

In an interview when Collins asked questions about her stand, she said, “I am puzzled looking at the strength of the outcry against my vote — though, as a centrist I am used to attracting both right and the left arrows.”

Responding to the accusation made for her for betraying her previous health care positions, she said, “That is just not right.”


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