Military Veterans to Get Mental Health Support


There is good news for all the veterans of the American military service. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has directed the government departments to treat the mental health problems that the military veterans suffer from. He has signed an executive order to this effect. He has asked the government departments to offer mental health support to military veterans to prevent them from committing suicides.

Trump said that the veterans have retired from the military service. Now, they do not have anyone to talk to and this is a sad situation. He wants the mentally depressed veterans to be treated as soon as possible to prevent the situation becoming serious.

The order by Trump has issued directions to all Veteran Affairs, Homeland Security and Defense departments to provide the mental health treatment to all the uniformed service members.

The Secretary of the Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, said that everyone was hurt knowing that there are about 20 veterans taking their lives every day. The first year after the retirement from military service is the period when the veterans get the suicide pangs. Only 40 percent of the veterans of the military service have the mental health coverage. The new order by Trump will need the government to shell out $200 million every year.


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