New Review of Targeted Temperature Management as the Standard of Care – Aligning Practice, Evidence and Guidelines


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Published recently as a supplement alongside European Neurological Review, the peer-reviewed journal from touchNEUROLOGY, Mayer et al, discuss fever-related brain injury in the neurological intensive care unit (NICU), which occurs in many indications, such as stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage and intracerebral haemorrhage. The deleterious effects of elevated body temperature independently contribute to increased length of stay in the NICU and necessitates cautious management. Internationally agreed protocols to define the role of targeted temperature management (TTM) in the NICU setting are required. The European Society for Intensive Care Medicine has launched an important project to access actual TTM applications worldwide with the aim of creating an open-access TTM protocol library. Further, to access the value of prophylactic fever control, a randomised controlled trial looking at the potential benefits of fever prevention in critically ill stroke patients is now underway. These initiatives will throw light on how TTM can become optimised and standardised for best clinical practice.

The full peer-reviewed, open-access article is available here:

Disclosure: This article reports the proceedings of a sponsored satellite symposium held at 29th Annual Congress of the European Society for Intensive Care Medicine and, as such, has not been subject to this journal’s usual peer-review process. The report was reviewed for scientific accuracy by the symposium speakers. A member of the editorial board reviewed the report before publication. Stephan A Mayer, Alain Cariou and Katia Donadello received honoraria for their presentations from CR Bard Inc. Stephen A Mayer’s affiliation at the time of participation in the reported satellite symposium is given, he is now affiliated with the Neuroscience Institute, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, US.

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