Organic Menstrual Pad Trial Kit Launched by New Start-Up Rael


Women deserve to have healthy and natural options when it comes to feminine hygiene, without compromising comfort and convenience.


In a market dominated by a handful of major corporations, start up company Rael launches its Trial Kit for natural, organic sanitary pads. Widespread awareness of toxic chemicals found in sanitary pads has increased consumer demand for non-toxic feminine products. Rael’s pads are made with 100% certified breathable organic cotton, chlorine free, fragrance free and toxin free.

What product do all women need? Sanitary Pads. Many of these pads have been discovered to contain chemicals, and as a result consumers are becoming concerned about what is in their pads. In 2014, a consumer group called Women’s Voices for the Earth ( commissioned testing of a brand of best selling menstrual pads in the US and the results from the testing indicated that the pads emitted toxic chemicals including styrene, chloromethane, and chloroethane. Although levels were found to be acceptable under federal regulations, it raises health concerns for women who come into contact with these chemicals on a regular basis.

In response to an increase in consumer demand for natural, non-toxic sanitary pads, Rael launched it’s sanitary pads containing 100% certified organic cotton in June, 2017. Not only are the pads more comfortable, but it has the added benefit of reducing moisture retention that leads to menstrual odor and skin irritation. It’s cloth-like texture brings comfort, convenience and peace of mind to active women who reach for their pads every month.

Compared to existing organic, sanitary pads in the market, the quality of Rael pads is high, while keeping costs low. In a very short period of time, Rael pads have become the number one product on amazon when searching for organic pads and have earned the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge.

Every month, women unknowingly reach for pads containing toxic ingredients. Rael’s trial kit offers women the convenience of trying safe, organic sanitary pads for their monthly needs. The trial kit includes full size packages of Regular Pads, Regular Pantyliners, Feminine Wash and one single Facial Sheet Mask. The trial kit is available to purchase on

About Rael
Rael ( was created to provide effortless, comfortable, high-quality feminine care and beauty products. Rael was designed for women, by women. Transparency is at the core of the brand with a commitment to being environmentally conscious by supporting organic cotton farmers in Texas. From concept to completion, you will know exactly what goes into your most personal products. Rael offers a monthly subscription service through, of products including organic pads, pantyliners, feminine care products and beauty products. Rael products can also be found on Amazon as the #1 bestseller in organic feminine hygiene care.

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