Prairie Heart Institute uses SeamlessMD to improve the patient experience for Cardiac Enhanced Recovery After Surgery


SPRINGFIELD, IL, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2017 — Prairie Heart Institute at HSHS St. John’s Hospital has implemented SeamlessMD to standardize a cardiac Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathway and succeed with future bundled payment initiatives by reducing mortality, readmission rates, and costs. This makes Prairie the first cardiac center in the United States to use SeamlessMD’s patient engagement and quality improvement technology to improve the patient experience and health outcomes.

Prairie chose to partner with SeamlessMD to deliver and manage their Cardiac ERAS program for major heart surgery. With SeamlessMD, patients are guided from preparation through recovery via their smartphone, tablet, and computer. Patients receive reminders, access interactive education, track compliance with ERAS milestones and report warning signs (e.g. pain scores, signs of infection, etc.).

The SeamlessMD platform keeps patients on-track with their care plan, collects patient-reported outcomes for compliance tracking, provides remote monitoring solutions for an integrated, proactive workflow, and generates reports in real-time for quality improvement.

Amy Durako, MSN, AGACNP, who was instrumental in leading the multidisciplinary team to form Prairie’s Cardiac ERAS program, explains, “SeamlessMD allowed the multidisciplinary team to standardize our care pathway for the cardiac surgery ERAS program using best-practice initiatives, streamline our patient education, and move toward a patient-facing model of care.”

“The feedback we have received from our team at Prairie Heart Institute, our patients, and their families has been overwhelmingly positive. With our commitment to providing the highest quality care and the advent of bundled care on the horizon, we look forward to tracking our progress with SeamlessMD!” says Dr. Gregory Mishkel, Executive Medical Director of the Prairie Heart Institute. Mishkel adds, “Overall, SeamlessMD is instrumental in achieving our goals of promoting a positive surgery experience for patients and their families, reducing complications, and coordinating post-discharge care.”

In addition, Prairie’s patients now have a personalized connection to the care team. Prairie’s care team used the SeamlessMD platform to monitor patient progress remotely and provide proactive feedback to patients at-risk of complications or readmissions. This added layer of support has provided confidence to patients to recover safely at home instead of at a nursing or rehab facility, which is often unnecessary for patients in real-time.

“Being able to risk-stratify, monitor patient warning signs at home, and proactively call patients at-risk allows us to circumvent problems (like medication changes) with a phone call or clinic visit instead of in the ER. Additionally, SeamlessMD’s robust analytics platform enables us to identify areas for improvement – such as which ERAS elements have low compliance, or which protocol elements are having the lowest impact on outcomes and should be revised”, Amy adds.

Thus far, over 100 patients at Prairie have used SeamlessMD with outstanding results. One Prairie patient described their experience with the technology: “I’ll be honest with you, I’m a bit of a technology dinosaur, but this was a very good learning tool. If there was a concern, you got an immediate response. That took all of the anxiety right out of [the surgery].”

“Our partnership with HSHS is an exciting opportunity as it extends the reach of data-driven, value-based care. The Cardiac ERAS team at Prairie is one of the most well-organized teams we’ve had the privilege of working with. I’m confident we will continue to achieve a better patient experience and improved outcomes together.” says SeamlessMD’s CEO, Dr. Joshua Liu.

Prairie Heart Institute is a specialty cardiovascular center at HSHS St. John’s. The care patients receive at Prairie goes far beyond technical excellence as its founding principles follow the motto: “Quality, Compassionate, Personal Care.” Prairie’s mission “To optimally serve our patients and their physicians in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease with compassion and dignity, assurance of quality, research and education” is upheld everyday. For more information about the Prairie Heart Institute, please visit: and for more information about HSHS St. John’s, please visit:

SeamlessMD provides the leading Patient Engagement and Quality Improvement platform for health systems to deliver value-based models of care, including Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH), prehabilitation, readmissions prevention, bundled payments and Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data collection. Research completed by academic medical centers has shown SeamlessMD to reduce hospital length of stay, readmissions, ER visits and costs. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, the SeamlessMD platform keeps patients on track from preparation through recovery with reminders, video-based education, progress tracking and PRO data collection. Providers can access real-time dashboards to measure compliance and outcomes, intervene sooner for patients at-risk and drive quality improvement across the organization. For more information, please visit:

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