Religious Objections By Healthcare Professionals Gets Support From New Federal Office


The Conscience and Religious Freedom is the new wing of the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). This office will offer the support and the protection to the doctors, health care workers, and the hospitals who oppose to perform abortions, euthanasia and procedures for the transgender people.

The acting Health and Human Service Secretary, Eric Hargen, said that the Founding fathers were aware that a country that gives due respect to conscience will be a free and diverse country. The Founding Fathers’ vision will become true with the new OCR division.

The new division of the HHS is welcomed by a lot of people. Many feel that this move will make the laws of protecting the conscience rights and the religious freedom to not be just some wordings on paper and will be enacted upon.

Americans United for Life’s chief legal officer Steven Aden welcomed the new announcement. He said that he will be working in close hands with the states to come out with a legislation to protect the conscience rights. He believed that this move is a big step for all the people of this country and the pro-life community at large.


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