SELVAS AI Unveils ‘Selvy Checkup’ – The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Disease Prediction Service


Las Vegas, NV — 01/11/2018 — SELVAS AI Inc., an artificial intelligence company, has launched the world's first artificial intelligence disease prediction service at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018.

The Korean company has chosen the world's largest consumer technology event to showcase its new “Selvy Checkup”, a learning based medical service that predicts the probabilities of incidence within four years for six of the most common cancers and adult diseases. These diseases include lung and liver cancers, as well as cardio-cerebrovascular disease and diabetes.

Attracting interest from the medical, healthcare and wellness industries, the innovation has been praised for its use of ground-breaking technology and artificial intelligence to predict probabilities of disease occurrence before they happen rather than simply diagnosing and treating.

The originality of the new service was recognized in November 2017 when the “Selvy Checkup” was named a winner at the “CES 2018 Innovation Awards”.

SELVAS AI Inc., enjoyed a successful 2017 building its portfolio across a number of technology sectors including providing keyboard and touch recognition technology to Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Android phones.

Visitors to the Las Vegas event can experience the technology first-hand in the “Selvy Checkup Experience Zone”. The SELVAS AI Inc., booth can be found at Sands Expo #43849 – Click here for an invitation.

“Selvy Checkup is an unrivalled AI healthcare service that enables users to manage their health proactively rather than reactively” SELVAS AI CEO James Kim said.

“More and more of us are looking at ways to live healthier, utilizing technology such as apps and trackers to do exactly that. The 'Selvy Checkup' has huge potential to lead the market, using the influence of artificial intelligence to enhance health checkups in a way never seen before” he added.

The innovation showcase reflects the wider theme at this year's CES 2018 Las Vegas show around artificial intelligence, a powerfully emerging market.

More information about the “Selvy Checkup” and artificial intelligence company, SELVAS AI, can be found here

Artificial intelligence company, SELVAS AI, has experience in a host of diverse fields including finance, automotive and assistive technology on the basis of machine learning techniques. Core AI technologies such as voice, handwriting and image intelligences along with AI convergence technology form the basis of SELVAS AI's experience and play a leading role in this year's CES show.

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