SociallyMined Solutions Powering Growth in Health Care Sector

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SociallyMined generates demand for healthcare products and solutions by leveraging influencers and decision makers via proprietary algorithms, analytics, and micro-targeting…also employing their government relations experience on Capitol Hill, influencing policy to protect their clients.


SociallyMined (, the industry leader in producing results-driven digital campaigns, announced on their quarterly call that they have helped healthcare companies protect their interests and generate demand for their products across the sector resulting in their clients’ achieving larger market share and increased valuations.

“Health care is an area that our principals have vast experience and demonstrated success over the years. When implementing our proprietary technology solutions, we’ve generated quantifiable results for our healthcare clients,” stated Matt Anthes, CEO of SociallyMined. “We believe that health care is an area where educating the masses via unique targeting helps clients be seen and heard above the noise in a super-competitive market.”

SociallyMined works with healthcare companies to build their brands and position them with targeted demographics who will ultimately consume their products and/or services. Often times, educating the public about regulatory issues can turn into a trending social topic that amplifies a company’s standing and helps validate their existence.

SociallyMined generates demand for healthcare products and/or solutions by leveraging influencers and decision makers via proprietary algorithms, analytics, and micro-targeting approaches. The company employs their government relations experience as needed to ensure that key-stakeholders on Capitol Hill are constantly aware of the client and are protected throughout the ever-changing world of healthcare policy.

The SociallyMined Health Care practice is run out of their Washington DC office and its services are customized for the individual client based on needs, goals, and objectives. Whether it be branding, sales, advocacy, or positioning, SociallyMined creates a virtual uprising that drives results. For more information, please send an email to [email protected]

About SociallyMined
SociallyMined is a boutique digital advocacy firm with a creative approach to reaching the market efficiently and effectively, providing quantifiable results and reports along the way to track progress. SociallyMined services incorporate cutting-edge technologies designed for Fortune 500 brands, utilizing big data and analytics to track relevant consumer sentiment and behavior, and influencing the sentiment to direct it towards a predetermined outcome. Their analytic solutions are integrated into their other services which include influencer marketing, native advertising, mobile marketing with geofencing, interactive videos, and more, providing a customized strategic campaign for their clients generating high engagement with a relevant audience. In addition, they offer diverse traditional services which include web design, social media campaigns, and video production.
SociallyMined’s PR division offers the ability to target specific journalists and outlets (online and traditional) who have relevant interests and followers in the desired demographic. This includes generating content, identifying the potential audience, pushing out the content to them, and engaging them in creating a community for a brand that can then be retargeted repeatedly as the brand grows – all while providing reports to track impact.

The SociallyMined team is comprised of industry leaders with experience dealing directly with brands, political candidates, non-profits, individuals, and governments. SociallyMined ensures a message is being heard by those influencers and decision makers that can affect change and make an impact for brands, issue-advocacy, and individual campaigns.
SociallyMined was founded in 2016 by Matthew Anthes, Steve Denis, and Steve Zeitchik; they maintain offices in Washington DC, New York, and Tel Aviv.
For more information on SociallyMined please contact SociallyMined Public Relations via email at info(at) or phone (212) 381-6082. You can also visit and follow @SociallyMined on Twitter.

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