Support education and healthcare in rural Ugandan communities


November 27, 2017 – Rutgers GlobeMed is raising money to support healthcare and education in rural Ugandan communities through an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Our end goal for May 2018 is to raise $7000 that will go towards the refurbishment of the newly renovated Health clinic in Migyera, Uganda and towards sponsoring children in Migyera to attend St. Lawrence’s Primary School. Construction for multiple wings of the health clinic has just finished this past summer, but the clinic is currently lacking the necessary equipment to deal with maternal health, particularly c-sections. We feel that quality maternal health is a fundamental requirement to build any sustainable community, and together, working with CALU, we hope we can help make affordable and high quality maternal health care a reality for the women in Migyera. Our mid-term goal, which we hope to achieve by the end of 2017, is the revenue necessary to sponsor at least 4 children to attend St. Lawrence’s primary school. It costs just $660 to sponsor a child for a year of primary school including room & board, food, and supplies and that’s a low price to pay for what can be a life-changing event for an entire family.

  This project is very important to us because it builds off our pillars of microenterprise, education, and healthcare and enables us to make a life changing impact for the children of Migyera, Uganda. Being members of the world’s most affluent country, we believe it is our responsibility and civic duty to initiate a positive social impact on developing nations such as Uganda and help integrate their local communities with the rapidly industrializing global economy. When people are struggling to put food on the table or to send their children to get an education, we believe it is our duty as human beings to help no matter where they are. One of the founding pillars of both CALU and GlobeMed is that every child deserves to have an education, and through our work with CALU and the community in Migyera, we believe this goal can be achieved someday in Migyera. If we alleviate specific crises facing this local Ugandan community such as poverty and lack of education, we could potentially hinder further complications such as infant mortality, HIV/AIDS infection, and food insecurity. Even the smallest charitable contribution will be able to have a lasting impact and can change the life of a child who needs help.

As a supporter to this cause, the most effective way of contributing would be to donate. Any donation, regardless of how small, will have a significant impact upon this community. Apart from donating, there are multiple other ways you can help this cause. At GlobeMed, we believe spreading awareness is the best way to make people mindful of what is going on in the rest of the world and enforce the idea that they have the ability to help. Share it with your friends and family through email or social media, talk about it with colleagues, and just generate attention to a cause that really needs it. There is power in numbers and we here at GlobeMed – Rutgers University are reaching out to our community to help another across the world. The only way change can be made is if we take actions towards things we want to see improved.


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