The Crisis Of Opioids Physicians Focuses On Alternative Pain Treatments


Director of the Emory Pain Center said that many of the patients suffering from chronic pain, muscular skeletal pain, nerve pain, then they have the only option to relief from the pain is to take Opioid. About more than 53,000 Americans died because of Opioids.

So Mckenzie-Brown and his colleagues are looking for alternative paths which medication and non-medication approaches both.

Alternative options for non-Opioid medications like acupuncture, weight loss etc. this new approach of treatment begins with a thorough assessment of patients and with self-assessment by doctors.

In 1990s American approaches to start taking the medicine just to take the relief from chronic pain and the doctor described the Opioids and patients started demanding more and more.

Hilary Gray treats the pain in a natural way. He works as an interior designer suddenly his discs falls and he started taking many Opioids but doesn’t work for her. So she does physical therapy, yoga, stretching.

Gray said that there is no treatment for chronic pain so if you think you take a pill and you get relief from pain then it is optimistic.

Doctors are looking for holistic treatments so as to get relief.

So, with this it makes clear that “Opioids are not only the situation to get relief from pain”.


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