The Subtle Symptoms of Depression


The story is Pretty much any movie can be based on a true story but there are a select few that take real-life events and turn them into cinematic masterpieces. Whether you’re looking for a tale of underdogs overcoming the odds, a peek behind the royal curtain, or a new perspective on some of history’s darkest moments, these films take all of the facts and spin them into stories that will inspire, astound, and haunt long after you’ve finished watching.

From The Wolf of Wall Street to Schindler’s List, here are some of the greatest films of all time based on true stories.I like this story. the next story isOn Monday evening, news broke that award-winning actor Robin Williams had died. Details emerged that the late actor battled with severe depression for quite some time, and that prompted an internal dialogue about depression and suicide among BuzzFeed staffers.

To highlight the complexities and pervasiveness of depression and suicide, a few BuzzFeed staffers decided it would be helpful to candidly express how they’ve combated depression and suicide.This was done in the hope that their testimony will help someone struggling with a similar issue.



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