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Lewes, DE — 12/29/2017 — Some studies have suggested that PFO closure can reduce the incidence of migraine headaches. While surgery would be considered too risky a treatment for the vast majority of migraine sufferers, these patients represent a large potential market for a less invasive percutaneous procedure.

As a result, a number of clinical trials including the PREMIUM, PRIMA, CLOSURE I, ESCAPE, MIST I and MIST II clinical trials were created to investigate the use of PFO devices in treating patients with severe migraines. There are additional studies that have focused on migraine patients that have experienced stroke in the past and therefore may not be representative of otherwise healthy migraine patients. It is probable that PFOs contribute to certain types of migraines and PFO closure would be a suitable treatment for only a percentage of PFO patients.

A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a defect in the septum between the two atrial chambers of the heart. Specifically, the defect is an incomplete closure of the atrial septum that results in the creation of a flap or a valve-like opening in the atrial septal wall. A PFO is distinct from a secundum atrial septal defect (ASD). A PFO is present in everyone before birth but seals shut in most people. In adults, PFO occurs when the atrial septum, which is responsible for recycling blood during womb development, does not properly occlude after birth.

The condition is very common, affecting over 20% of the population. Individuals with PFO are more likely to suffer a stroke and there is evidence that migraines can be a symptom of the condition. Those who have a PFO as well as migraines often experience sensations during their migraine that include shimmering spots, blurred vision and blind spots. There are many cases where PFO patients do not need to undergo surgery and drug treatment and continual monitoring are the only measures that are necessary. However, open surgical and interventional procedures are common in patients who run the risk of having a sudden cardiac arrest.

Spanning over 379 pages “US Market Report for Patent Foramen Ovale Devices 2018 – MedCore” report covers Executive Summary, U.S. Cardiac Surgery And Heart Valve Device Market Overview, Competitive Analysis, Market Trends, Market Developments, Research Methodology, Disease Overview, Product Portfolio, Patent Foramen Ovale Device Market, Appendix. This report Covered Companies – Edwards Lifesciences, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, Maquet, Abiomed, HeartWare Inc., Sorin Group, Terumo, Abbott Laboratories, Teleflex Medical, Cardiac Assist, AtriCure, W.L. Gore, SynCardia, Boston Scientific, Cryolife, Others include: Berlin Heart, Cardica, Chase Medical, Genesee Biomedical, Karl Storz, LifeNet Health, Microline Surgical, Novadaq, On-X, Saphena Medical, SentreHeart, Vitalitec, etc.

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