Utah County Fears Hepatitis A Outbreak


The Utah County health department warned about the potential exposure to hepatitis A virus for people who visited the two food establishments at Spanish Fork.

Following the warning about 1,700 calls were received by the health department inquiring about the vaccine for Hepatitis A. The number of calls probably would increase in the coming days.

According to reports, the people who consumed food or beverage or used the restrooms at Olive Garden from Dec 21 to Dec 30th or at Sonic Drive in Spanish Fork could be exposed to the virus. The exact number of people exposed is not known.

The health department is asking the people visited these two locations to get vaccinated against the disease. According to nursing director of the Utah county health department, Steve Mickelson, the preventive vaccine is the best way to avoid the infection.

Almost 500 people had received vaccination and the health department is expecting more people to get vaccinated. The health department has announced that an employee at Sonic drive-in and one employee of the Olive Garden are found to be infected with Hepatitis A virus.

At present, 133 cases of hepatitis A have reported in Utah. The people who haven’t received vaccination can act as a carrier of the virus and may expose other people.


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