Village Tech Schools New Campus Groundbreaking in South Dallas

Village Tech Schools New Campus Groundbreaking in South Dallas

Dallas, TX, January 14, 2018 — Village Tech Schools will break ground on their new campus location on Wednesday, January 17th at 1:00 PM located at 402 W. Danieldale Road in Duncanville located in southern Dallas County.

The special groundbreaking includes a presentation by Superintendent David Williams to establish and continue the commitment to their current and future students on the education they receive when they come to Village Tech. To honor this commitment, the founding members of Village Tech will forge a new path as the building starts to take form. Future generations of students will have the opportunity to pursue an education in a creative, insightful, and innovative atmosphere.

The new campus is a permanent campus site that calls for a 120,000-square foot facility that will include learning space for grades Pre-K-12, active play space, a gym, multi-purpose meeting and collaboration spaces, computer and science labs, garden and outdoor space, as well as a large courtyard with an outdoor stage. The campus will be active and immersive to provide space for digital creations, artistic expression, and collaborative design. Through the new campus design and learning space, students will develop the technical, academic, professional, and social-emotional expertise to thrive in the century ahead. The capital campaign cost based on reliable estimate cost from WRA Architects and their contractors for the new campus is estimated at $30 million. The builders are North Star Construction Builders.

Superintendent and one of Village Tech Schools Founders David Williams shared, “Village Tech Schools is building a permanent campus and we need hands and heroes, connectors and creators, partners and passion. We are looking for people who want to see public education re-imagined and transformed into a system that creates students who are competent, caring and courageous adults. Too much time and money are spent supporting high stakes testing and school environments focused more on control than tapping into students’ talents and skills. We want to change that, for all kids.”

He continued to share, “Today, Village Tech Schools operate a single Pre-K-12 public charter school in southern Dallas County. We serve 930 students from across southern Dallas County. Our parents, teachers, and administrators are committed to changing education and the offering south of I-30. We know the statistics that every other person you pass on the street in southern Dallas does not possess a high school diploma[1]. As a result, by 2030, one million Dallas County adults will be functionally illiterate[2]. While the Grow South initiative is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go. Just consider that between I-20 and I-30, there is only one movie theater and two Starbucks’ in a portion of the fastest-growing metropolitan region in the nation[3]. But it’s more than that. Even in middle-class schools, students are being equipped for a future that simply does not exist. From colleges and universities to CEO’s and civic leaders, our communities are demanding adults who can think, create, design, lead, serve and work together. As long as the school remains an environment engineered for compliance, quiet and filling in bubbles, then our future in Dallas and beyond remains on shaky ground.”

They invite you to learn more about Village Tech Schools and their capital campaign to build a campus to ensure the students in Southern Dallas County will receive the best education possible with the highest degree of success for their future.

For more information or to support our capital campaign visit and

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