WHO to Consider Gaming Disorder a Mental Health Issue


The World Health Organization (WHO) is contemplating hard on making the gaming disorder a grave mental health issue. WHO is set to bring out the 11th International Classification of Disease in 2018. In this diagnostic manual, WHO has mentioned gaming disorder to be a recurrent and persistent disorder. This disorder can cause major issues in the life of the gamer.

The gaming addicts give huge importance to offline and online gaming than for other aspects of life. Gregory Hartl, the spokesperson of WHO, said that the manual focuses on the clinical description of the gaming disorder. It does not suggest any prevention or treatment options.

According to latest gaming survey results in the US, 63 percent of American households have a gamer. They have been playing video games for an average of 13 years. The video games are ever so popular in America. For the last few years, about 50 colleges have started varsity gaming teams. They have been gaining analysts, coaches, and scholarships on offer. The US has not seen in gaming as an addiction yet.

The internet and the gaming industry are considered to be addictions in countries like South Korea and China. They have boot camp like facilities in place to treat the gaming disorders.


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