Why Emergency Rooms are better than Urgent Cares?

Emergency Room Burns

Emergency Room Burns

“Our ER doctors are always onsite and available so when a patient comes through the door, we are ready to treat them immediately.” Miller continued to say.


Urgent care centers provide service that are just that, urgent. However, in an Emergency situation urgent care centers lack the tools and equipment needed to care for a patient in an emergency situation. Most urgent care centers have limited means of diagnosing and caring for even the most sensitive bone fracture or the most complicated strain of a viral or bacterial infection.

Urgent care centers were designed to be a convenient way of seeking medical attention when your doctor is not available or has closed for the day. Yet most urgent care centers keep hours that continue not much longer then your primary care physician’s office hours. Also, urgent care centers hours may not coincide with your work schedule thereby making it very inconvenient to visit. In addition, the wait times to be seen can become extremely long and depending on your particular reason for visiting the urgent care may result in a referral to the emergency room anyway.

Unlike urgent care centers SignatureCare Emergency Centers are fully equipped with state of the art medical equipment and in-house testing labs. Patients typically wait less than 10 minutes to be seen by a board certified physician. Also unlike urgent care centers all of SignatureCare Emergency Center facilities are open 24 hours day 7 days a week, even on holidays. The emergency center always has board certified physicians ready to take care of your medical needs as opposed to a Physician’s Assistant which you typically find in an urgent care center.

“When an emergency arises the stress of the emergency itself can be daunting. It is imperative that the medical attention you receive is timely and accurate. SignatureCare Emergency Centers recognize that time is of the essence when it comes to your injury and/or illness, so we stock our facilities and maintain state of the art equipment to insure your medical needs are properly diagnosed and treated in order to help prevent any further issues,” said Billy Miller, SignatureCare Emergency Center’s, Chief Medical Director

SignatureCare is a Freestanding Emergency Room, which operates like a hospital based ER, accepts most major medical insurance and is always staffed with board certified physicians. The ER never closes and the doctors are always on site, so you never wait on a doctor- they wait for you. “Our ER doctors are always onsite and available so when a patient comes through the door, we are ready to treat them immediately.” Miller continued to say.

When your doctors office is closed and you need medical attention, you can visit an of SignatureCare Emergency Centers ER's located in the Houston, Austin and College Station areas. Each ER is fully equipped to handle most medical emergencies and is always open when the – urgent care is closed.

For more information on SignatureCare Emergency Centers and to find a location near you visit https://www.ercare24.com.

About SignatureCare Emergency Center
Licensed by the Texas Department of Health Services, SignatureCare Emergency Centers are freestanding emergency rooms that are always open. SignatureCare has multiple locations in the Houston, Austin and College Station areas, with each offering state-of-the art medical imaging, and X-rays. All of our emergency rooms are fully staffed with medical professionals, including board-certified physicians, licensed nurses, radiology technicians, and emergency-trained ancillary staff. All SignatureCare Emergency Centers are open 24/7- 365 days a year.

For more information on SignatureCare Emergency Center and its other locations visit https://www.ercare24.com.

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