Keller Grover LLP Investigating TRUEbenefits Data Breach


According to a letter sent to affected individuals, TRUEbenefits became aware of a data breach on June 26, 2017.  The letter states that patient Protected Health Information was released when TRUEbenefits fell victim to an email phishing scheme.  The Personal Health Information that was accessed included patient names, social security numbers, diagnoses and treatment information.

“Medical information is considered to be among the most personal and private of information under California law,” says Keller Grover LLP attorney Eric A. Grover.  “For that reason, healthcare providers are required to give patients timely notice of data breaches and the negligent release and disclosure of medical information can, under certain circumstances, give rise to claims by affected individuals for money damages.”

Similar medical data breaches involving the failure to properly secure medical information have given rise to class action lawsuits.  In 2016, for example, St. Joseph Health Systems finalized a class action lawsuit settlement valued at over $30 million involving St. Joseph’s alleged failure to properly secure its network, allowing patient information to become publicly accessible on the internet.

If you have any information about the TRUEbenefits data breach or are a California resident that has been affected by a data breach and have questions, contact Keller Grover’s attorneys at 866-663-3308 or by email at [email protected]

Keller Grover LLP is a leader in the field of medical information privacy litigation and has represented clients in numerous medical data breach class action cases, including lawsuits against St. Joseph Health Systems, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, Health Net and 21st Century Oncology.  Keller Grover will not charge you for reviewing your information and all information that you provide to Keller Grover in the process of seeking legal advice will be held strictly confidential.

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