Michelle Marshall is recognized by Continental Who’s Who


DORAL, Fla., Sept. 29, 2017 () — Michelle Marshall is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the Healthcare field. 

Marshall’s professional title is President and CEO of Neucare Health Services. She brings over eight years of career experience as well as expertise in leadership, working with patents, inventions, medical care, administration and real estate, to her role.

“Neowe Health Services is a comprehensive Health Care Service in the South Florida community,” the clinic’s website states. “With over 50 years of combined experience, we specialize in Wound Care, Lymphedema management and Dermatology. We provide clinically proven, comprehensive health care services for inpatients and outpatients under the supervision of a board certified medical director. We diagnose and care for each patient as a respected individual with unique circumstances and needs.”

“At Neowe Health, we strive to provide high quality and effective treatments to all of our patients,” the website continues. “We strive to develop and maintain a level of trust and comfort with our patients. This is very important to us, and our team understands that the care and compassion demonstrated from the beginning to the end of treatment, plays a very important and necessary role in the healing process.”

Marshall earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Florida Memorial University. She then went on to complete her Master’s degree in Film at Miami International University.

In addition to her work through Neucare Health Services, Marshall invented a product that is patent pending, which helps with wound care and relieving pressure in cancer patients. She also spends a great deal of time working with children and the elderly.

When not working, Marshall enjoys films, Pelaton music, running in marathons and travel, particularly to Greece. In looking to the future, she hopes to treat patients on a worldwide scale through her patent.

Marshall dedicates this recognition to the loving memory of her grandmother, Gertrude Dames

For more information, visit http://neowehealth.com.

Contact: Katherine Green, 516-825-5634, [email protected]


SOURCE Continental Who’s Who

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