AmeriCash Loans Makes Holiday Gift Contribution to Comer Children’s Hospital


Des Plaines, IL

In 2017, Illinois-based installment loan provider AmeriCash Loans continued its annual tradition of making the holidays brighter for sick and terminally ill children and their families at Comer Children’s Hospital.

Every year, AmeriCash Loans participates in the Wish List Toy Drive hosted by University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital to bring joy to its patients and their families through play. As recounted in a myriad of pediatric journals and parent-focused literature, “Through play, children can be anyone, at anyplace, at anytime,” allowing them to escape the reality of their medical conditions and hospitalization.

“The Comer Children’s Hospital toy drive has been our central charitable cause for years,” said an AmeriCash Loans spokesperson, “It helps us bring a little bit of Christmas joy back into the lives of community members who haven’t had an easy go of it.”

The idea of service to the community sits at the center of AmeriCash Loans’ mission. Over the course of the year, AmeriCash Loans has led the charge to positively impact the children in the communities in which they serve through support of local events, foundations, and public spaces.

In spring of 2017, the lender sponsored several dozen little league baseball teams across Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and South Carolina. Through the summer and fall months, the company was able to support parks foundations and local organizations in events that enriched the surrounding communities and brought delight to its families and children. This December, AmeriCash Loans made their largest donation yet to Comer Children’s Hospital, and continues to encourage its employees to spread cheer through giving for the entirety of the year.

“We truly value our customers and our relationships with them at AmeriCash Loans,” said the spokesperson, “and we want to make sure we’re supporting the causes that are central to the people who utilize our services. These people are more than our customers – most of them are like friends and family – and we feel proud to boost their communities in every way we can.”

Comer Children’s Hospital accepts donations year-round. If you’d like to donate gifts, time, or money, you can find instructions and wish lists on their website,

About AmeriCash Loans
Founded in 1997, AmeriCash Loans is a leading provider of alternative consumer financial services throughout the metropolitan Chicago area and Illinois. It started as a small office across from the train station on the main street of Des Plaines. Within five years of opening its doors to borrowers, it had expanded to 65 brick-and-mortar branches located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Today, the company provides short-term financial products that allow borrowers to access larger loan amounts for longer terms and at lower rates than traditional cash advance loans. Its short-term lending portfolio is comprised of installment loans, signature loans, and other related financial services. In 2003, AmeriCash Loans launched the Refer-a-Friend program, which gives its customers a chance to earn while sharing their great customer experiences with their friends and family members.

Customers can apply for loans either personally or through its online application process. Contact AmeriCash Loans via its website,, or by calling 888.907.4227.

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