Betaine Anhydrous Market Research Report – Forecast 2017–2025


New York, NY — 01/12/2018 — Betaine Anhydrous Market: Introduction

Betaine anhydrous is a form of betaine chemical compound, which has become a popular ingredient in food industry. Betaine is found in various vegetables such as sugar beet, spinach, broccoli, cereals and pulses among others naturally, which is further extracted from them and processed to produce betaine anhydrous. Betaine anhydrous is also found in marine animals and microbes. The chemical compound betaine anhydrous possesses amazing water retention property with vital nutritional values that make it one of the most demanding chemicals in applications such as methyl donor, diet supplements, detergents and food & beverages. Thus, betaine anhydrous market is expected to be one of the fastest growing markets over the forecast period.

The betaine anhydrous market is estimated to gain massive attention in sports sector owing to the benefits of using the same in sports energy drink and muscle endurance supplements. It is also expected that the personal and cosmetic care products would bring in substantial opportunities for betaine anhydrous market over the forecast period for its use as surfactants in these products. Moreover, the betaine anhydrous market is expected to witness significant prospects in pharmaceutical sector as it is widely used in the medicines for liver and heart related diseases.

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Betaine Anhydrous Market: Drivers and Restraints

The use of betaine anhydrous in food & beverages sector has led to significant investments in Research & Development department in order to research on its novel applications in supplements and dietary products, as betaine anhydrous market is expected to be largely driven by this industry. The significant value addition to the food supplements for muscle strength and athletic performance has increased the demand for health beneficiary products across the world that in turn bolsters betaine anhydrous market growth over the forecast period.

Another major driving factor observed is the increasing demand for adding natural nutritive ingredients in beauty and personal body care products, which results in a considerable rise in demand for betaine anhydrous. The use of betaine anhydrous in animal feed additives help in enhancing the metabolism of animals and thereby the demand for betaine anhydrous is expected to witness steady growth in this sector, over the forecast period. Considering all the aforementioned factors, significant opportunities are expected to emerge for the betaine anhydrous market in the above mentioned fields over the forecast period.

However, despite the approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Association (FDA) for the treatment of disease in humans, named homocysteine, intake of betaine anhydrous beyond permissible limits has caused certain side effects and is detrimental to health of living beings. Also, other substitutes available in the market such as DL-Methionine and Dimethylthetin are expected to hinder the growth of betaine anhydrous market, thus creating intense competition among the players over the forecast period.

Betaine Anhydrous Market: Region-wise Outlook

Based on geography, betaine anhydrous is estimated to be highly demanded in the European nations over the forecast period. The regulatory authorities such as European Food Safety Authority in this region have approved the usage of betaine anhydrous in animal staple food, which is expected to drive the potential economic growth of manufacturers in betaine anhydrous market. North America region is expected to witness potential growth in betaine anhydrous market in the coming future. The rising awareness among public about health benefits also has led to an increase in consumption of nutritional supplements containing betaine anhydrous. India and China, for its increasing demand for natural ingredients in cosmetic industry is projected to be fast growing markets of betaine anhydrous over the forecast period.

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Betaine Anhydrous Market: Market Players

Some of the examples of market players in betaine anhydrous market are mentioned below:

Crystal Pharma
Penta Manufacturing Company
Sunwin Biotech Shandong Co., Ltd.
American Crystal Sugar Company
Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Foodchem International Corporation
Shaoxing Marina Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Orison Chemicals Limited
The Agrocapital Ukraine

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