Corn Fiber Gum Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2025


New York, NY — 01/11/2018 — The corn fiber gum is an emulsifier produced from the waste corn fiber. The corn fiber gum can widely be used as an alternative to acacia gum as acacia gum is costly to import and it is produced in countries which are politically disturbed and unregulated in terms of the market. The corn fiber gum is a lot cheaper to produce and export, as the corn fiber is easily available in different sectors, were corn cob is used as a primary product. A pound of waste corn fiber cost less than a dollar in Northern America. The corn fiber gum market is a new scope in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage market. Due to a recent breakthrough in the field of the targeted medicine, the corn fiber gum can be used as the carrier for medicines. As an emulsifier, a single unit of corn fiber gum can hold oil droplets use for flavoring and aroma, more than 15 times than the average emulsifiers present in the market. The global food additive market value is shooting rocket high and a new and cheaper product in the market will surely create a good business opportunity.

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Corn Fiber Gum Market: Region-wise Outlook:

The North American and The Latin American market will be a significant exporter of the corn fiber gum. The Asia Pacific & Japan will be the biggest market for the corn fiber gum. The Middle East and Africa is facing a problem with its unstable region and hence will not be able to produce competitive acacia gum and hence a huge market has open up for corn fiber gum.

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Corn Fiber Gum Market: Drivers and Restraints:

The traditional source of emulsifier market is facing a problem with the increase in import price and unstable region of the source. This gives the big growers of corn industry a chance to venture into the emulsifier industry by directing its resources to produce own cheap corn fiber gum emulsifiers. Also, the new scientific findings have proven corn fiber gum more efficient emulsifier. Corn fiber gum is a good source of adhesive industry and hence has a significant market to venture in with the new cheaper product. There is an increase in high-quality cloudy beverages and flavored food, this, in turn, increases an opportunity for the corn fiber gum to flourish. The increase in awareness of healthy food style will increase the use of corn fiber gum. Strict regulation by government to safeguard environment will drive plastic and adhesive market to use enviro-friendly corn fiber gums.

The restrain to the corn fiber gum market can be the toxicity of the corn fiber gum is on the negligible side but there possibilities of an allergic reaction to the population.

Corn Fiber Gum Market: Key Players:

The key global players in corn fiber gum market will be Monsanto Company and Bayer AG, Eastman Chemical Company, Grain Processing Corporation, Corn Products International Inc.

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