Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley Says Super Model Christie Brinkley’s Two Antiaging Secrets are Great Noninvasive Options for 50 and Older Women


Christie Brinkley revealed in People Magazine that Xeomin & Ultherapy are her anti-aging secret weapons. Dr. Buckley of MilfordMD talks about what these popular cosmetic procedures can and can’t do.

We see so many women in their 50s & 60s who are active and vibrant, who feel great on the inside and want to look the way they feel. Christie Brinkley is an icon for beautiful aging and the cosmetic options she revealed make a great combination!


Super model Christie Brinkley recently revealed on and in a People magazine feature that her two go-to antiaging treatments are Xeomin and Ultherapy, which, according to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley, are great noninvasive options for women in their 50s and 60s, who want tighter skin and fewer lines and wrinkles. At 63-years-young Brinkley says her goal isn’t to look different; rather, she strives to look at young as she feels.

“We see so many women in their 50s and 60s who are active and vibrant, who feel great on the inside and want to look the way they feel,” says Dr. Buckley, who is medical director at MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, Milford, Penn. “Christie Brinkley is an icon for beautiful aging. And the cosmetic procedure options she has revealed help keep you youthful glow are no surprise. They’re effective, safe and don’t require downtime.”

Xeomin is one of three popular neuromodulators (the others are Botox and Dysport), according to Dr. Buckley. It works by blocking the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions, which cause such things as frown lines. Dr. Buckley and other cosmetic surgeons inject prescription Xeomin into the muscles between the eyebrows, knowns as the glabellar lines, to soften the lines’ severity. “As Brinkley says, the treatment isn’t to change one’s looks or to take away expression. The super model has a compelling smile and wouldn’t want that to change. Rather, Xeomin takes away the harshness of those lines that come with a lifetime of squinting and frowning,” Dr. Buckley says. “The goal with neuromodulator treatment, whether it’s Xeomin, Botox or Dysport, is to allow the untreated facial muscles to contract normally to preserve expressions.”

Patients are generally treated every three to six months, to maintain results, according to Dr. Buckley. Each treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes in the office and patients don’t usually experience pain or downtime, he says. Brinkley, who is a spokesperson for Merz Aesthetics, the company behind both Xeomin and Ultherapy, claims Ultherapy is the other secret to her youthful beauty at age 63.

Ultherapy, the only FDA-cleared noninvasive procedure shown to lift and tighten the neck, chin and brow, also is used to soften lines and wrinkles on the chest. “Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy from outside the skin, so it’s noninvasive. Many people have had ultrasound for other reasons, including to image their unborn babies. So it’s proven safe,” Dr. Buckley says. “The focused ultrasound energy that we deliver to tighten skin helps to stimulate collagen production. The therapy triggers a natural, regenerative response under the skin, with no downtime. But results take time. They happen gradually, over the following two to three months after treatment.”

The treatments Brinkley has chosen to help her defy cosmetic aging do not offer the dramatic results that surgery, including a facelift, can, according to Dr. Buckley. “It’s important that patients go into cosmetic medicine with realistic expectations. Neuromodulator injections and ultrasound skin tightening offer subtle changes. For patients with more severe wrinkles and skin laxity, we can achieve more dramatic cosmetic outcomes by combining more procedures or with more invasive procedures and technologies,” Dr. Buckley says.

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