Healthcare REvolution Conference Gears Up for 2018


With 2017 coming to a close, Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) prepares to face 2018 with a new outlook, including a rebranded conferences and additional conference events to highlight the latest information and trends from the dynamic global healthcare, benefits and insurance industries.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, November 24, 2017 — As the Holidays approach, the year winds down after a successful conference event, Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) is hard at work ensuring that next year’s event is better than ever. To further this goal, GHR has rebranded and combined their industry conferences – the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMTC) and the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) – into one event focused on the latest in healthcare, benefits and insurance: The Healthcare REvolution Conference ( taking place October 28 – 30 in Orlando.

“The capital ‘E’ in Healthcare REvolution is intentional,” said Jonathan Edelheit, JD, Principal and Founder of Global Healthcare Resources. “It signifies the revolutionary ideas that come from the Evolution of our industries. In a little over a decade since we kicked off the EHBC and WMTC events, the industry has grown and developed greatly. By combining our events, we can more easily help our members and attendees overcome the problems they are experiencing in the industry, regardless of where they are located geographically and can more easily facilitate the communication that is essential to further growth and evolution.”

With the abundance of information changing the landscape, it is essential to stay informed of the latest to ensure you are offering the best care to your patients, the best benefits to your employees and the knowledge to navigate these changing currents in the future. Here some of the over 25 think tanks and “brain exchanges” to help with this, only at HCREV:

CEO Innovator Summit
Virtual Reality & AI Transformation Summit
Direct Contracting & Bundled Payment Summit
Precision Medicine & Predictive Health Summit
CFO Disruption Summit
Mindfulness in Business Summit
HR Tech Disruption Summit
Physician Leadership & Engagement Summit
The Smart Hospital & Medicine Technology Summit
Patient Safety & Quality Summit
Medical Travel Policy Summit
Life Sciences & Biomed Innovation Summit
And many more.

Also new to the event are the IGNITE track sessions. These short, TED-style inspirational and thought provoking presentations will highlight the diverse and disruptive developments in Medical Tourism, Healthcare Reform, Corporate Health & Well-being, Voluntary Benefits, Self-Funding and more. You can see the list of speakers here (, with new and exciting speakers added throughout the year.

“Everyone is looking for the ‘next big thing.’ The innovation, product or technology that will change the game and disrupt the industry,” said Mr. Edelheit. “But often just being disruptive is not enough on its own to breakthrough. You need to get your disruptive ideas in front of the decision-makers who can actually do something with the product. You need a catalyst. That is where Healthcare REvolution comes in; we are that catalyst. With our high level of attendees representing a wide-range of the global healthcare and benefits industries, coupled with our unique networking meetings and think tanks, there is no better place to make an impact in the industry than Healthcare Revolution.”

About Global Healthcare Resources, Inc.

Global Healthcare Resources is our solutions organization that brings new ideas, a larger vision and reach new professional teams and inspiration. GHR is focused on many areas – all of them linked to creation and improvement. We believe as the world's leader in wellness and medical travel, that health is the foundation for a successful life and career. Our global presence in medical and wellness travel allows us the perspective and scope to drive our domestic leadership in healthcare reform, voluntary benefits, self-funding and corporate wellness and well-being with universal insights and innovation. We strive every day to improve the health and wellness services of our partners and their teams while offering a vibrant and open arena for discussion, dialogue, and debate. The underpinnings of our beliefs stand on the value of investing in people – not policies, not politics. People inspire us every day to dive deeper and explore the world over for the most innovative and interesting solutions, ideas and concepts.

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