In-depth Report: Fruitful Achievements Have Yielded in 2017 OCS


2017 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents and the 19th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (OCS) was concluded on December 21st, which has yielded fruitful results.


As the largest and most influential overseas exchange platform in China, the activities in OCS widely faced to overseas talents with greatest degree of openness to promote overseas talents and Chinese returnees to start-up businesses in China and bring forth new ideas to Chinese development. Through activities such as summits and forums, research achievement exhibits, international project dockings, talent recruitments, promotion conferences and field studies, OCS fully played a role of a national platform for bringing talents, intelligences and skills into China, which has made new contributions to social and economic development in China.

The scale of 2017 OCS was the largest over the years

The scope of talents in OCS this year was expanded to high-skill talents and international students in China so as to gather excellent talents and projects from home and abroad. There were about 3500 overseas talents participated in the two- day convention, who are from USA, Canada, British, Australia, CIS, etc. 63% talents among participants have got Ph.D., and 70% among them intend to start their career life in China, who have brought over 2000 scientific research projects to exchange in the convention. Some projects belong to the forefront of the development of science and technology. Moreover, more than 10 domestic and foreign famous experts and academicians attended the convention for exchanging ideas. The professions of participants are various, which include biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, new material science, new energy, environmental protection, management and finance. A total of 378 Chinese delegations from 32 provinces, autonomous regions, direct-controlled municipalities of China and Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions brought over 2000 projects and tens of thousands post demands to participate in OCS. The number of total participants of the two-day OCS is almost 500,000, which is the largest scale over the years.

2017 OCS Achievements

In accordance with the principle of internationalization, specialization, marketization and informationization, 2017 OCS has innovated the concepts and methods to hold the convention. The content of convention was transformed from “talent exchange” to “talent exchange plus research achievement trade and exchange”, moreover, the targets of participants were changed from “high-level talent” to “high-level talent plus high-skilled talent”, and the methods of holding the convention was shifted from “government leadership” to “government guidance plus enterprises leadership”. In conclusion, 2017 OCS realized paying equal attention to three OCS visions, “attracting Chinese returnees to start-up businesses in China and bring forth new ideas to Chinese development”, “attracting high-level talents to exchange and develop cooperation in China” and “attracting trans-regional exchange of returned overseas high-level talents”.

Introducing policies for professionals: strengthening the long-acting service mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship projects constantly

Guangzhou municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to talent service. On the basis of the “1+4” policy in Guangzhou which is for agglomerating leading innovative talents and entrepreneurship, Guangzhou municipal party committee and municipal government have launched three proposals which are related to talent qualification certification, service assurance and training subsidy, and have introduced a policy called “innovative plan” to encourage overseas talents to start-up businesses in Guangzhou recently. Starting from this year’s OCS, each excellent project of innovation and entrepreneurship selected from “Chunhui cup start-up contest” and “Intelligence and Future overseas start-up contest” could acquire three million government grants for financing and other start-up supports when it is eligible for “innovative plan”.

Building a brand platform for recruitment: more posts for overseas urgently-needed professionals with higher quality.

Aiming at different levels and different groups of overseas talents, the convention organized job fairs according to talents’ areas, majors and development directions,  which were “video job fair”, “overseas talent job fair” and “high-skilled talent job fair”, strengthening the effect of introduction of urgently-needed professionals. The number of enterprises participated in job fairs of OCS was up to 354, which contained 50 enterprises listed among Global 500, including Alibaba Corporation, Citibank, Foxconn,, China Railway Construction Corporation, etc. Over 10,000 posts were offered in job fairs in total, covering various industries, such as energy, biology, medicine, IT, finance, automobile, AI, etc., and enterprises received more than 2000 CV from overseas talents. In term of the video job fair, parallel sessions of Singapore and Japan were set up, which attracted nearly 110 overseas high-level talents, 75% of whom had got Ph.D. The percentage of person-post matching is above 85%. Furthermore, the convention will continue opening the O2O platform for job hunting. Overseas talents can send interview application to enterprises directly through scanning QR code by mobile phones. The recruitment information posted by 335 enterprises was nearly 10,000, and the number of interview application was about 33,000 through PC and mobile phone. The total visits of these two accesses exceeded 130,000.

Promoting project landing precisely: improving efficiency of industrial economic development directly

494 preliminary negotiations were conducted in total in term of the 107 selected projects in “Chunhui cup start-up contest”, 40 among which have reached preliminary agreements to enter innovation parks. In the meantime, 24 selected projects have reached cooperative intentions. The delegations of Commonwealth of Independent States brought 138 projects into convention which led nearly 100 negotiation meetings, and 5 projects have reached preliminary cooperative intentions. 164 projects were carried by expert teams of “The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents” and 50% of them reached cooperative intentions. According to incomplete statistics, during the two-day convention, the number of times of all projects’ docking was nearly 4000, and the number of projects having intentions to sign contracts reached 150.

High-end summits and forums: frontier technologies show the flourishing development of innovation across the country.

About summits and forums: 17 summits, forums and promotion activities were organized, which covered hot topics such as macro economy, current affairs and politics, entrepreneurship and innovation, “Internet plus”, people’s livelihood, etc. These activities also focused on areas like mass entrepreneurship and innovation, China’s reform of the supply front, innovation drives, frontier science and technology of “The Belt and Road” Initiative, advanced manufacture, emerging industry, etc. Foreign high-level experts from Europe, America, Japan and countries participating in “The Belt and Road” initiative came to GZ and exchanged ideas in the convention.

About The Exhibition:

The convention this year set up two venues for exhibition, meeting the demands of each province and city in China. The total area of exhibition was increased to 50,000 square meters from 25,000 square meters last year. The exhibition contained fields such as new generation of information technology, new material, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological medicine. The demand of exhibition booths exceeded supply, which were booked up in advance. The exhibition areas of each province and city were increased nearly 60% compared to last year. Furthermore, the convention set up new exhibition areas for high-skilled talents and service organizations in human resources industry, attracting enterprises from manufacture, science and technology service and business innovation industries too. Moreover, the exhibition area about research achievements of “The Recruitment Program for Innovative Talents” fully showed more than 300 frontier technology programs of experts in “The Recruitment Program”.

Guangzhou provides nutrients to innovation and entrepreneurship and welcomes talents all over the world. OCS will keep insisting on the principle of “facing the talents at home and abroad, serving the enterprises and organizations in the demand for talents all over China”. As the host of OCS, Guangzhou will continue creating opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas talents and building a better platform for delegations from provinces and cities to attend the convention.

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