Labdoor launches new quality testing and certification services for dietary supplements brands


The launch of Labdoor Testing Services (LTS) comes at time when gaining competitive market advantage is especially challenging for supplements brands. While the industry is seeing low product adoption and customer retention rates, Labdoor engages consumers and compels purchasing decisions by reporting objective facts about a product’s quality at the point of sale. With LTS, brands can now take advantage of Labdoor’s testing expertise and trusted online marketplace to expedite product development, reduce liability, and drive sales.

Currently, LTS offers two routes to laboratory testing services. First, brands can opt for custom testing services, which support manufacturers with R&D and quality control. Then, there’s the LTS Certifications Program, which certifies products for label accuracy, purity, and the absence of substances banned from competitive sports.

LTS most powerfully differentiates through its Membership Program, which gives brands access to wholesale testing prices, certifications, and notably, a dedicated brand page on, which displays their certified products alongside full testing results and options to buy them. These features allow brands to continuously certify their products at a low cost and ensures that consumers can easily shop for them.

Labdoor says that LTS gives brands the security of a proven conversion funnel, so they can focus on creating great products. Results so far are promising. Kim Shafer, CEO of Daily Body Restore, reports, “Usage of the certification logo gave our customers confirmation and confidence that what we say is in our products has been independently verified. We personally use and recommend Labdoor’s Certification Programs.” Sean Gillespie, Owner of MuscleFeast, says, “Since we got onto [Labdoor’s] website, we’ve seen our sales increase 100% over what they used to be.”

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