Mapping the Rise of China’s Special Solvent Oil Industry


Portland, OR — 11/30/2017 — In 2016, the output of China's special solvent oil reached approximately 1.9 million tonnes, with a CAGR of 7% from 2012-2016. In 2011-2015, the consumption of China's special solvent oil increased with a CAGR of approximately 7%, reaching around 3 million tonnes in 2015.

For recent two years, influenced by policies of capacities and structure adjustment, the output of solvent oil has decreased and was nearly three million tonnes in 2015. And its apparent consumption was more than three million tonnes.

Aromatic solvent oil is mainly used in blending gasoline and diesel, paint, pesticide, heat-transfer oil, plasticizer, waterproof coiled material and aquae hydrogenii dioxide, paint and oil blend accounting for about 65%. While n-hexane with the content of more than 90% is mainly used in fine chemical, such as pharmaceutical extractants, medical intermediates and chromatographic reagents. And n-hexane with the content of lower than 90% is mainly used in oil, rubber and polymerization.

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Special solvent oil is used in more fields with increasing demand. For that industries including fine chemicals, electronics, household appliances and daily chemicals are strictly required on environmental protection, green special solvent oil, of low sulfur, low arene content, low alkene and being non-toxic, tasteless and colorless, has become the mainstream in solvent oil market.

Table of Content


1 Economic Environment of Special Solvent Oil Industry in China

2 Supply and Demand of Special Solvent Oil in China, 2011-2016

2.1 Supply
2.2 Demand

3 Import and Export of Special Solvent Oil in China, 2012-2016

3.1 Import
3.2 Export

4 Industrial Chains of Special Solvent Oil Industry in China

4.1 Upstream
4.2 Downstream
4.2.1 Paint
4.2.2 Pesticide
4.2.3 Rubber

5 Analysis of Key Enterprises in China Special Solvent Oil Industry

5.1 SINOPEC Changling Company
5.2 SINOPEC Wuhan Company
5.3 SINOPEC Luoyang Company
5.4 SINOPEC Baling Company
5.5 SINOPEC Jinling Company
5.6 SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company
5.7 SINOPEC Jiujiang Company
5.8 SINOPEC Qingdao Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
5.9 Luoyang Jinda Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd.
5.10 Henan ZT League Chemical Co., Ltd.

6 Forecast and Investment Strategy of Special Solvent Oil Industry in China, 2017-2022

6.1 Forecast
6.2 Investment Strategy
6.2.1 Meaning of Strategy Planning
6.2.2 Principles of Strategy Planning
6.2.3 Analysis on Strategy Planning
6.2.4 Key Customer Strategy

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