Mediaplanet and Dr. Lincoln Nadauld Explore the Future of Cancer and Personalized Medicine

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This campaign will highlight the new innovations in research and personalized medicine treatments for our nation’s most prominent diseases, notably cancer.


Mediaplanet today announces the launch of this December’s edition of “Future of Cancer & Personalized Medicine.” This campaign will highlight the new innovations in research and personalized medicine treatments for our nation’s most prominent diseases, notably cancer. These advancements promise to help save thousands of lives due to medical treatments tailored specifically to each patient.

Traditionally, all patients diagnosed with a disease received the same medicine. Although one-size-fits-all therapies do work for some patients, they can be ineffective or cause side effects for others. Now, millions of dollars are being spent on research and new precision medicine treatments for our nation’s most prominent diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders, yet two in 10 American patients are familiar with the possibilities that exist in this field. This campaign will aim to raise awareness for available options for patient treatment and diagnostics.

The print component of “Future of Cancer & Personalized Medicine” is distributed within today’s edition of USA Today in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Boston markets, with a circulation of approximately 250,000 copies and an estimated readership of 750,000. The digital component is distributed nationally, through a vast social media strategy and across a network of top news sites and partner outlets. To explore the digital version of the campaign, click here.

Dr. Lincoln Nadauld graces the cover of the print publication. Through an exclusive interview on the interior, the executive director of precision medicine and precision genomics at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah, emphasizes hope for innovative and accessible cancer care. “Health plans and payers are recognizing the value of personal medicine and approving these types of custom therapies for their members,” he shares. “As the newest trend in personalized medicine, precision medicine is the latest innovative technology doctors are using to treat their patients more accurately.” As an oncology specialist, he is continuously making decisions about which drugs patients should receive, what trials might be beneficial, etc. Dr. Nadauld emphasizes that these targeted therapies will deliver better results in patient care and treatment.

Now more than ever, Dr. Nadauld says, “The advancements in genomic and molecular testing, immunotherapies, and informed treatment plans for patients, people are taking notice and expecting big things to come out of these medical strides.” He also highlights a case study that Harvard Business School wrote on Intermountain Healthcare and their precision medicine department.

This campaign was made possible with the support of American Society of Clinical Oncology, LabCorp, Quintiles, Personalized Medicine Coalition, National Pharmaceutical Council, American Cancer Society, Sirtex Medical, Biotechnology Innovations Organization, Association of Community Cancer Centers, Foundation Medicine, Susan G. Komen, Tersera Therapeutics, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Stupid Cancer, Giuliana Rancic and more.

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