New ebook Outlines How To Build Better Working Relationships With Physicians



Building Great Physician Relationships is more than just a goal of the aspiring marketing executive. It’s also the topic of a new ebook from the healthcare marketing agency, Smith & Jones. The firm recently published “The Complete Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Building Great Physician Relationships” to help marketers develop stronger relationships with doctors, earn their respect and to align the organization’s efforts.

“Most doctors are great to work with. But if you’re like every one of our clients, you’ve run into a physician or two who can make the job of marketing difficult,” said Mark Shipley, CEO and Strategy Director of Smith and Jones. “Having worked with physicians for over thirty years, I’ve learned that if you understand how their minds work, what keeps them up at night, and what motivates them, difficult physicians can be turned into great partners and advocates for better marketing, This book is designed to help healthcare marketers do just that.”

Available for download through the Smith & Jones website, the book details some simple steps marketers can take to improve their relationships, build credibility and earn the respect of physicians. The content is organized in four sections:

  • Understanding the physician mindset
  • Building great relationships with physicians
  • Establishing credibility and mutual respect
  • Taking the next steps

This is the second ebook published by Smith & Jones, adding to a body of work including books, white papers and practical tools to help healthcare marketers succeed. Mark Shipley is author of “In Search of Good Medicine” and “Under the Influence,” which will be released later this year.

About Smith & Jones

Smith & Jones is where healthcare brands come to get better. We help our clients create meaningful and desirable healthcare brands, align their internal teams, engage new and existing patients, and drive downstream revenue.

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