Philadelphia Job Corps Students Receive Thousands of Job Opportunities in 2017 (Testamonials Below)


For 2017, Philadelphia Job Corps Center students received daily job opportunities matched to their program through the Department of Labor SOC Code system in their email as well as on their smart phones via the E-Hired job mapping application. Of the +/- 223,200 job opportunities provided to Philadelphia Center students in 2017 the statistics by program are approximately:

  •     62 Medical Assistant students received a total of 77,024 job leads
  •     33 Pharmacy Technician students received 41,424 job leads
  •     44 Certified Nursing Assistant students received 39,320 job leads
  •     44 Facility Maintenance students received 34,696 job leads
  •     26 Culinary students received 20,808 job leads
  •     6 Emergency Medical Technician students received 5,248 Job leads
  •     1 Office Administration / Business Technology student received 2,432 job leads
  •     1 Home Health Aide student received 1,424 job leads
  •     1 Security/CHHA student received 416 job leads
  •     1 Maintenance & Catering student received 408 job leads

Opened in 1988 as one if the nation’s first non-residential centers, the Philadelphia Job Corps Center is located in the former Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot at 2810 S 20th St Bldg. 12 Philadelphia, PA.

The Job Corps program was created during the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 as part of Johnson’s War on Poverty and Great Society initiatives that sought to expand economic and social opportunities for Americans, especially minorities and the poor. Job Corps is one of the oldest social programs in the federal government today. A product of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the Job Corps was first set up by Sargent Shriver, a member of the Kennedy family who ran many of Johnson’s social programs. Shriver modeled the Job Corps on the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, which provided room, board, and employment to thousands of unemployed people.

The first National Director of the Job Corps program was Dr. S. Stephen Uslan, who was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson and reported directly to Sargent Shriver. The current national director of the Office of Job Corps is Lenita Jacobs-Simmons The Job Corps program is currently authorized under Title I-C of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998.

Management Training Corporation (MTC) is the nation’s premier leading Job Corps operator. Since 1981, MTC has been teaching and training young people to be prepared for the workforce. This intense and highly-successful training is done through the Department of Labor’s Job Corps program. MTC trained 12,680 students in 2016 in a variety of fields including healthcare, construction, technology, and business.

E-Hired provides career service and student placement support, as well as DOL integrated automated resumes to over 300 campuses and institutions including; 2 – 4 year public and private colleges & universities, vocational training providers, as well as various state and federal government agencies. Institutions utilizing E-Hired can see an up to 5% increase in student placement within its first 8 weeks of E-Hired provided job opportunities being provided to their students and an up to 22% increase in student placement over a 12-month period.

Institutions wishing to have E-Hired job opportunities provided to their students can contact E-Hired President/CEO Frank Whelan directly at [email protected]


“On behalf of our University, I would like to say how pleased we are with the relationship we have with e-Hired. We have received positive feedback from our students, some telling us they were easily able to get a job, while others have said they love receiving the leads on a daily basis. From an administrative perspective, e-Hired (specifically Frank Whelan) is very customer focused, easy to work with, and very responsive whenever a questions arises.
As an on-line University with students all over the world, I can’t reach out into the community and chat with employers about our students and how they may be a good fit for their organization. The e-Hired platform provides me a way to at least help students – wherever they are – identify job openings in their area. Definitely a value-added tool for our University.”

Career Services Officer
Certified Higher Education Professional in Career Services


“I have been using E-Hired with two school groups for over a year now. I find it extremely useful for student retention, employer relations, and student focus on the goal of employment. As the software continues to update it only gets better. Frank and his team of technicians are responsive and open to improvement and customization based on school needs. For my first school I saw an immediate increase of 5% employment just due to the use of the E-hired in the first two months of use. I would not want to work at a school which did not have this tool.”

Babette G. MBA/HR

Senior Director of Career Services
Charter College & Milan Institute


“Our lucky day when we found e-hired. Frank Whelan has worked with our company in training and customizing the program for the needs of our company. I like so many things about this program but my favorite is for the student that doesn't think there are any jobs available. As they see jobs coming into their email everyday it gives them hope, specific places to apply and makes the job search so much easier. For our WIOA contract, we are required to help young adults understand Labor Market information. This is labor market information in real time.”
We love E-hired.

Teresa T.

Career Mentor


“E-hired offers so much more than just job leads. The resume builder is a very exciting additional resource. We are so appreciative of the quick and responsive help we get from Frank and his team. It's so easy to understand and use.”
Thank you for all you do!

Trina S.

Career Mentor


“I am writing to let you know that I couldn’t be happier with the services that has provided the Career Services staff here at ASI Career Institute. The students and graduates have commented that they are really pleased that they receive job alerts daily that directly match their field of training. I have included the addition of the service as part of my gainful employment action plan and it has greatly assisted with my placement and retention goals I have set for the Career Services staff. Overall, I am very pleased with the ease of service and the overall positive outcomes since I have signed up ASI as a client. I now have all students and grads create a profile immediately and it’s very easy. Thank you!”

Dr. Glen M.,

Dean of Campus & Director of Operations


“E-hired is just awesome! It's amazing how well it's tailored to the needs of the industry! There is no other efficient and effective career services platform! Thank you for such a great tool to provide our students and employers! “

-Jennifer W.

Career Service Professional


“E-hired is a GREAT service for our Career Services department. It allows us to continually send job leads to our graduates on a daily basis. This allows them more time to update and writing cover letters and resumes. The management team at E-hired is always quick to respond to any questions.”

Andrew C.

Career Services Technical Specialist


“Hello Frank,
             I just wanted to thank you for your amazing help and support. This website has help us tremendously not only as career service advisers but with students as well. I have received nothing but great reviews from our students. Its has been a big help in supporting them find a placement in their field.”

America S. | Career Services Advisor


“Thanks E-Hired for being a major part of our placement program!”
“Our students love the daily emails with employment opportunities in their career training field. The resume builder tool helps provide quality written resumes for our students. The Workforce case managers love the weekly emailed reports of the job leads sent to their participants. Our education specialist love the instant report on open job leads over the past 30 days – to enhance enrollments.
E-Hired provides a well-rounded employment placement tool for our students and case managers.”

Sandy M.

Director MedCerts


“It has been a great experience, even though I found a job I want to continue with my studies.
Thank You”

Livian B.


“Good so far”

Sarah C.


“Great experience.”

Stephanie G.


“One of the best leads around in the business industry.”

Vivian O.


“I love the daily emails. I work at MedExpress after graduating from ASI. I have my certifications as a Medical Assistant, EKG technician and also Phlebotomist. I took the position as the Front Office Assistant to get my foot in the door for a great company. I will be moving up within the company very shortly here and becoming a Medical Assistant and transferring to a location that is 3 miles down the street from my house. I am a full-time employee and working 3 long day a week. Due to still having 4 days off a week, I am looking at applying for an additional part-time or casual position to help bring more money home to my children. As we all know, children aren't cheap and neither are their activities. I appreciate everything I learned at ASI Career Tech along with the daily emails that e-hired is providing me. Once I find that perfect casual or part time fit I will be right on it!”

Brittany A.


“I was able to get a job very easily.”

Lisette B.


“My experience was good. The site has a lot of good job offers”

Nicole S.


“It was a wonderful outlet to explore new job opportunities every day. Accurate descriptions of job openings so one could always be up to date with every new chance that came onto the market.”

Aide G.


“I love getting leads because I am still looking for a position in Medical Billing and Coding. However, ABTU helped get me credentials on my resume and I got a raise from it.”

Victoria P.


“Last year I was homeless and this year I'm looking to buy my first home.”

Harlan K.


“I like the services E-Hired has to offer.”

Marjorie C.


“E-hired has great job leads & a great resume template.”

Francis T.


“It made my job search a lot easier”

Antoine D.


“I am currently attending the Texas School of Phlebotomy and looking for employment couldn't be easier with E-HIRED. Its linked to several search engines and finding a career is going to be simple.”

Brandi F.


“I really appreciated the information that was given to me.”

Bianca C.

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