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  • Preventing the Spread of Illness-Causing Germs During Winter Months
  • R&D Support for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
  • Holistic Healing and Chiropractic


  • Super Bowl LII (20 experts)


  • Reporter/Editor/Researcher – A Team (Home)
  • Reporter – International Trade Today (DC)
  • Creative Director, Editorial Lab – Wall Street Journal (NY)


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  • Media Insider: Glamour's New Editor-in-Chief, Facebook Tests New App for Local News
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Preventing the Spread of Illness-Causing Germs During Winter Months
Jim Arbogast, Ph.D.
Vice President of Hygiene Sciences and Public Health Advancements
Dr. Arbogast is available to provide a valuable perspective about effective hygiene and skin health during the winter months to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs: “Hand hygiene protects public health and saves lives. It is important to remember to wash with soap and water and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at key moments throughout the day, every day, not only during winter-germ season.”
Dr. Arbogast has worked for GOJO, the inventors of PURELL Hand Sanitizer, for more than 13 years and is dedicated to advancing the science of hygiene and skin health, including working with the CDC and other partners. He often talks with the media, providing information and educational soundbites.
Published papers:
Contact: Samantha Williams, [email protected]

R&D Support for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
Christopher Bishop
Professor of Psychology
Binghamton University
Pfizer's announcement to halt support for research and development into Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease comes at a difficult time for the several million patients that currently suffer from these devastating neurodegenerative diseases, according to Bishop. This is compounded by the burgeoning elderly population, as new diagnoses are only expected to rise in the years to come. Says Bishop: “Yet, this trend of divestment is not new for large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, who have found neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's either to be intractable to traditional pharmacological approaches or have had difficulty improving upon mainstay drugs. It remains to be seen how this strategic change in research and development by a major industry player will alter the trajectory towards treatments or cures, but it is clear that bolstering other sources of research will be paramount. Although the current Trump administration has threatened to cut medical research support, Congress has been largely supportive. In addition, companies like Pfizer have stated they will continue to invest in venture endeavors that might spawn new approaches for the future.”
Bishop is currently conducting Parkinson's research that focuses not only on the treatment of the disease, but also in the side effects of treatment. Current projects, funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, investigate neuroplasticity in the brain serotonin system that may provide a novel target for the reduction of Parkinsonian symptoms and side effects that occur as a result of chronic drug therapy.
Contact: John Brhel, [email protected]

Holistic Healing and Chiropractic
Dr. Richard Wolf
Holistic Chiropractor/Nutritional Consultant
Holistic Pain Relief and Weight Loss Center
“The basic philosophy of holistic healing including chiropractic is that the body can cure itself by receiving different treatments that enable the body to balance, realign, heal, and reach optimum wellness. Holistic chiropractors look at the whole person, not just the spine, back or neck. The holistic practice is based in getting the whole body to work in synergy without the use of medication and invasive therapies.”
Based in the New York tri-state area, Dr. Wolf is available to share his insight on treating patients holistically on these topics: stress reduction meditation; the life-giving and anti-aging benefits of alkaline water; foods that cause diseases and foods that raise health; all-natural weight loss; and nutritional supplementation for health and healing. He is the author of “Please Don't Read This Book — Unless You're Ready to Get Out of Pain Without Medication, Lose Weight, and Look and Feel Great” (2016). Dr. Wolf received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and has been in practice since 1985. He has completed extensive post-graduate training in radiology (including MRI and CT scan), nutrition, exercise physiology, stretching and strengthening, warm laser therapy, acoustic pulse waive therapy, spinal disc decompression, all-natural weight loss, mind-body healing, and stress reduction/meditation. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Contact: Amy Delman, [email protected]

EXPERT ROUNDUP: Super Bowl LII (20 experts)

Following are experts from the ProfNet network who are available for interviews on various topics regarding the upcoming Super Bowl:

Michael McCormack
McCormack is the oldest son of the NFL Hall of Famer with whom he shares the same name. McCormack has literally watched from the sidelines as this beloved American pastime has shifted to its current standing in American culture. Recalling his fond football memories of the past and the way in which the sport molded who he is as a person and a fan, McCormack shares his lifelong journey with pro football at its foundation in his April 2018 release, “Born Fanatic: My Life in the Grip of the NFL.”
Says McCormack: “The NFL has forgotten that teamwork is why it exists. Its purpose is to teach teamwork by example. Judging from its own data, the NFL invests each year in youth football the equivalent of an average wide receiver's annual salary. A cultural behemoth as big as pro football can and should do better, for the benefit of its values, its fans and its own future. But it does not end with the NFL; fans have a role to play too — this teamwork needs to expand beyond the field to the stands, our homes on game days, local communities and beyond.”
Contact: Marissa Eigenbrood, [email protected]

Economic Impact of Super Bowl LII
Victor Matheson
Professor of Economics
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.
Matheson is an expert in sports economics and specifically on the economic impact of large-scale sporting events and stadia. He has been quoted extensively in written and broadcast media. He authored a paper (see link below) examining evidence from host cities from 1970-2001, which indicated the Super Bowl contributes just a fraction of the economic impact that boosters have promised. He says: “First, the economic impact of any Super Bowl is always inflated, typically by a factor up to 10x. Second, the costs are high, easily tens of millions plus an additional $500 million that the taxpayers of Minnesota put up for the new stadium. Finally, Minnesota is somewhat unique in two ways. It is a cold-weather destination, and the Vikings are still in the hunt to appear in the big game. Both of these change the economic equation.”
Contact: John Hill, [email protected]

Impact on Minnesota Travel and Tourism
John Edman
Tourism Director
Explore Minnesota
As the head of Minnesota's official tourism agency, Edman can discuss the impact of Super Bowl LII on travel and tourism for Minnesota, and the opportunity that the media exposure can bring to the entire state: “The fact that people all over the world will get to see Minnesota on a global stage is an incredible opportunity that doesn't come along very often. We have a great story to tell, and sharing that story with people who may have never heard of us before is very exciting to me and to everyone who's passionate about promoting Minnesota as a travel destination.”
Edman has served 17 years as tourism director and has been appointed by three governors of three different political parties. He is responsible for the development of statewide plans to promote Minnesota as a tourism destination. Edman is the state's chief spokesperson for tourism-related issues and manages Explore Minnesota with a staff of 45 and a budget of $14.0 million. Edman helped create Explore Minnesota as a separate public/private state tourism agency and generated over $10 million in new private sector match in 2016. Under his leadership, Explore Minnesota generated 3.5 million new incremental trips, $389 million in new spending, and $37.3 million in new state taxes from 2016 spring-summer advertising. Explore Minnesota's recent marketing campaign generated a 9-to-1 ROI, according to Longwoods International. Under Edman's tenure, Explore Minnesota was honored with six Mercury Awards, two Odyssey Awards, and one Adrian Award, and he was elected by his colleagues in other states as the U.S. State Travel Director of the Year in 2015. He is a resident of Stillwater, is married with two children, and loves Minnesota and the great outdoors. Explore Minnesota is also a one-stop shop for media in need of resources surrounding Super Bowl LII, including story ideas, trip ideas, free high-res photos, video and more.
Contact: Shelli Lissick, [email protected]

Impact on Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Michael Langley
CEO, Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership
Executive Board Member, Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee
Topics Langley can discuss include: 1) Super Bowl XXVI 1992 vs. Super Bowl LII 2018: Greater MSP lasted hosted the Super Bowl in 1992. Since then, the region has seen a 43% increase in employment and 34% growth in population, including 190% growth in diverse populations; 2) Greater MSP region's economy, business landscape, and entrepreneurial ecosystem; 3) Leadership in sports innovation. From roller skates and roller blades to concussion prevention technology and the big data that fuels the popular fantasy sports platforms, Greater MSP is home to the entrepreneurs who are leading the way in sport innovation and technology; 4) Economic impact of hosting the Super Bowl.
Contact: Caitlin Teare, [email protected]

Super Bowl Halftime Show
Charles Coplin
Faculty, Emerson College
Coplin, a former VP of programming and former executive VP of content for the NHL, is an Emmy Award-winning television producer responsible for some of the most-watched broadcasts in history. He is a versatile show-runner with more than a decade of experience producing live studio, remote and post produced network programs, as well as off-Broadway theater. He was an executive in charge of broadcasts with Prince, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and other musical artists, as well as Super Bowls, Super Bowl halftime shows, College Football Championships, Wide World of Sports, and the World Cup. He is available to discuss why the NFL decided to go with Justin Timberlake for the halftime show.
Contact: [email protected]

Brand Sponsorship, Social Media Influence
David Gerzof Richard
Faculty, Emerson College
President, BIGfish PR
Gerzof Richard looks at how advertising, brand sponsorships and social media are impacted by, and influence, the marketing spectacle that is the Super Bowl. He is an entrepreneur and public relations executive in addition to his position at Emerson. At Emerson, Gerzof Richard develops programs that connect the college's Communication Studies Department with brands and innovators outside the school. He regularly experiments with and explores a variety of communication strategies, mediums, tools, and technologies as they relate to brands, campaigns, and society. He teaches courses in guerilla public relations, sports PR, political communication, speech writing, thought leadership and global public relations.
Contact: [email protected]

Super Bowl Ads
Rochelle Bailis
Global Director of Content
Bailis is available to discuss the top five most popular commercials from last year's Super Bowl (according to USA Today Ad Meter: and measure their after-effects in terms of engagement with the brand, their website and the specific product they were promoting.
Contact: George H. Simpson, [email protected]

Legal Challenges of Super Bowl Advertising
Amy Mudge
Partner, Regulatory and Advertising and Marketing Practice Groups
With Super Bowl LII fast approaching, there is an increased scrutiny on all things advertising. According to numerous sources, the cost of an average 30-second spot has increased more than 100% between 2007 and 2016, rising from $2.39 million to $4.8 million. This year, 30-second spots are reportedly going for more than $5 million. For the companies that decide to invest, how will they produce catchy, effective advertisements to ensure their money is well spent? Marketers are always looking for new techniques to cut through the clutter, but how can they do that without running afoul of the law and a quagmire of compliance challenges?
Mudge is available to discuss this in depth, and can specifically address: guidance from the FTC and Competition Bureau on new marketing techniques and practical tips for companies; product differentiation strategy and how companies can find the best way to promote their differences without crossing the line into product denigration; lessons learned from Lanham Act and National Advertising Division (NAD) cases; best practices in comparative advertising; remedies when a competitor has overstepped the bounds and options for challenging competitor false advertising; the difference between a puff and a “claim requiring support.”
Contact: Bethany Early, [email protected]

Legal Source: Advertising Challenges During Super Bowl LII
Po Yi
With Super Bowl LII just weeks away, excitement is building for companies and organizations of all types, including those with no connection to the event. They will be tempted to use “Super Bowl LII” to promote their products, services, and agendas. That temptation can be dangerous. Using Super Bowl trademarks is a minefield for sponsors and non-sponsors alike. Yi, a partner with the law firm Venable, is available to provide her perspective on how brands can advertise appropriately during the Super Bowl. Yi specializes in advertising and marketing, and can provide insight and analysis on the trademark, advertising, and marketing issues around the Super Bowl, including: what to avoid when putting a sweepstakes or giveaway together; avoiding unauthorized trademark use of the Super Bowl name; NFL trademark infringement — is the reward worth the risk?
Contact: Kathy O'Brien, [email protected]

Economic Impact, Media Rights and Stadiums
Irwin A. Kishner
Herrick Feinstein
Kishner, a partner at leading sports law firm Herrick Feinstein, can cover the economic impact of the game, media rights questions, and revenue sharing agreements. He can also speak to stadium concessions, luxury suites and PSLs, should that angle be of interest. If the Vikings happen to become the first team to play the game in their home city, he can also cover the economic impact this would have.
Kishner has a broad range of stadium experience in all the major sports leagues, including the financing of MetLife stadium and a proposed stadium for the Oakland Raiders in 2016. He also was lead counsel on the recent Mayweather-McGregor fight, representing UFC.
Contact: Kayla Retzler, [email protected]

Economic Impact, Media Rights and Stadiums
Daniel A. Etna
Herrick Feinstein
Etna, a partner at leading sports law firm Herrick Feinstein, can cover the economic impact of the game, media rights questions, and revenue sharing agreements. He can also speak to stadium concessions, luxury suites and PSLs, should that angle be of interest. If the Vikings happen to become the first team to play the game in their home city, he can cover the economic impact this would have.
Etna has a broad range of stadium experience in all the major sports leagues, including the financing of MetLife stadium and a proposed stadium for the Oakland Raiders in 2016. He recently advised Major League Soccer's D.C. United in the construction of Audi Field in Washington, D.C., and UNLV in their Las Vegas Stadium negotiations with the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders.
Contact: Kayla Retzler, [email protected]

Super Bowl Advertising
Dr. Paul A. Pavlou
Senior Associate Dean of Research, Doctoral Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Temple University's Fox School of Business
Dr. Pavlou has conducted neuromarketing research using fMRI brain scans to identify the anatomy of the brain that significantly better predicts the success of TV advertising.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Super Bowl Advertising
Dr. Angelika Dimoka
Associate Professor of Marketing and Management Information Systems
Temple University's Fox School of Business
Dr. Dimoka has conducted neuromarketing research using fMRI brain scans to identify the anatomy of the brain that significantly better predicts the success of TV advertising.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Travel/Tourism Impact
Dr. Robert Li
Professor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Temple University's School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Li is a destination marketing expert. He is available to discuss the mechanisms and tactics by which a location (like the host of a Super Bowl, for example) can market itself to support tourism and travel.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Travel/Tourism Impact
Dr. Jeremy S. Jordan
Associate Dean
Temple University's School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Jordan is a co-founder of Temple's Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC) and has conducted multiple research projects into economic impact analysis of major sporting events, including the NFL Draft in Philadelphia and Chicago.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Super Bowl Ticketing
Dr. Joris Drayer
Associate Professor of Sport and Recreation Management
Temple University's School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Drayer is available to discuss supply and demand of Super Bowl tickets and secondary ticket markets that include StubHub, Seat Geek and others.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Betting/Gambling Odds
Dr. George Diemer
Assistant Professor of Sport and Recreation Management
Temple University's School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Diemer is a sport economist who is available to discuss the odds and probabilities associated with sport betting around the Super Bowl.
Contact: Christopher Vito, [email protected]

Super Bowl Advertising
Ken Sahlin
Sahlin can discuss how companies are utilizing digital and out-of-home (OOH) advertising around the upcoming Super Bowl. He can also touch on how each type of advertising has evolved over time. DOmedia is the largest database of OOH advertising in the U.S.
Contact: Brett Garrison, [email protected]

What to Expect From This Year's Super Bowl Ads
Kelly O'Keefe
Professor of Creative Brand Management
VCU Brandcenter
O'Keefe, a marketing innovator for more than 20 years, is available to discuss what viewers can expect from this year's Super Bowl ads. Prior to joining the Brandcenter, he led O'Keefe Marketing, a pioneer in digital marketing and branding that received more than 100 major awards and had its work cited in numerous books and journals, including “Business @ the Speed of Thought” by Bill Gates. The agency was named Southeast Agency of the Year by Adweek Southeast, and O'Keefe was named Virginia Entrepreneur of the Year and Richmond Ad Person of the Year.
O'Keefe has been a strategic brand advisor to clients such as GE, ESPN, Walmart, Hamilton Beach, Sesame Workshop, National Association of Broadcasters, UPS and The Home Depot. He has spoken to reporters previously about such brand-related topics as AIG, American automakers, the marketing of “The Simpsons,” Disney's purchase of Marvel, guerilla marketing, franchise filmmaking, re-branding the Sci-Fi Network, online customer reviews, Super Bowl advertising and product placement, among many other issues. His commentary on branding has been featured in media including CNBC, CNN/fn, Fox, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Brandweek, Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Advertising Age, The Washington Post and the LA Times.
The VCU Brandcenter was named the No. 1 graduate advertising program by Creativity magazine and became the first winner of the 4A's O'Toole award for the Best Advertising School, a title it still holds.
Contact: Leila Ugincius, [email protected]

Stadium Concessions
Dan Gallery V
Gallery can discuss new concessions available at U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl fans, including new standalone units, action stations, complete bars, dessert carts and portable mini-carts. He can also discuss consumer demand for fresher, healthier food options at games. Gallery is a manufacturer of food and beverage carts inside U.S. Bank Stadium.
Case Studies:
Contact: Holly Sprague, [email protected]

Fan Research and Retailing
Kirk Wakefield, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Sports Sponsorship & Sales
Baylor University
Wakefield's research in retailing covering more than two decades focuses primarily upon sports psychology, team sports marketing, entertainment marketing, and fan and consumer response to pricing and promotional tools. He has conducted fan research in almost every venue in sports, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, and NASCAR. Wakefield developed the Sports Sponsorship & Sales program and its advisory board of over 95 members from major league teams, leagues, and corporate partners. He also founded and serves as publisher & editor of The Baylor S3 Report (, the industry-leading publication featuring best practices in sports sales and marketing written by the sports industry for the industry.
Contact: Eric Eckert, [email protected]



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