Recently Invented Detoki Pads Support Immune System and Cellular Health


San Francisco, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 11/28/2017 –Human skin is the outer covering and the largest organ of the human body. As directly exposed to pollution and pesticides, the skin is the most likely body surface that comes into contact with harmful factors. Pesticides can be absorbed through the skin into the blood, which can cause toxic reactions, some of them – quite severe.

The toxins can get into the body through the skin, but significant part of them can be thrown from inside out, again through skin. Using this principle, Detoki detoxifying pads have been designed. This new discovery in traditional acupuncture medicine is intended to purify human's body through acupuncture points situated on the feet. Main compounds included in product's formula are bamboo vinegar, detox herb extract, wood vinegar, vitamin C, Chitosan, and Tourmaline. As a natural-based product, Detoki is available without recipe, and the procedure can be performed at home without need of medical supervision.

One package contains 10 pads for 5 or 10 nights, depending on how the product is used. A pad should be stuck on the foot and allowed to work 6 to 12 hours during the night. Detoki detoxifying patches are specially produced for the Asian market, so as a beginning they will be available in Asia only

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