Shoreline Periodontics Offers Dental Implants To Groton, CT Patients As Long-Term Solution To Tooth Loss


Drs. Marianne Urbanski and Gregory Toback Welcome Patients from Groton, CT for Dental Implants


Dr. Gregory Toback, board-certified periodontist, and periodontal colleague, Dr. Marianne Urbanski, offer patients with one or more missing teeth in Groton, CT, dental implants. Dental implants are the leading long-term tooth replacement solution that closely mimics both the aesthetics and function of natural teeth. Drs. Toback and Urbanski offer specialized implant solutions at their two practice locations in New London, CT and Westerly, RI.

Tooth loss is very common among adults, with nearly 70 percent of middle-aged adults missing at least one tooth. Even the loss of a single tooth can have a negative effect on the rest of the mouth, including the jaw bone and adjacent teeth. When a tooth is lost, biting and chewing force is diminished and there is no tooth root to provide healthy stimulation to the jaw bone. Without this stimulation from the tooth root, the jaw bone will recede and adjacent teeth may shift or sink into the empty space, altering the bite. A missing tooth not only leaves behind a gap in the smile, but can make eating and speaking more difficult. Dental implants can be a long-term solution to this problem by providing a replacement that looks and acts much like a natural tooth.

Dental implants are the ideal replacement for missing teeth and can provide many long-term benefits to oral health and smile aesthetics. Dental implants begin with a titanium post that is placed into the jaw bone and ends with a life-like, durable dental crown. The completely restored dental implant is a highly functional and beautiful artificial tooth that can withstand normal biting and chewing force, while blending seamlessly alongside natural teeth for a flawless new smile.

With decades of implant dentistry experience, Drs. Toback and Urbanski are skilled in both the artistic and functional aspects that contribute to a successful dental implant surgery and outcome. Dr. Toback is a renowned keynote speaker and has lectured extensively on computer-guided implant placement and 3D imaging, which is offered at Shoreline Periodontics. He has also published numerous papers in periodontal and dental implant journals and has received the American Academy of Periodontology’s Clinical Research Award as well as the University of Connecticut award for outstanding teaching and mentoring in periodontics.

Patients who desire to learn more about how a periodontist can help replace their missing teeth with dental implants in Groton, CT, can call Shoreline Periodontics to schedule a consultation at 401-596-0000 for the Westerly, RI location and 860-443-2428 for the New London, CT office.

About the Practice

Shoreline Periodontics is a periodontal practice offering personalized dental care for patients since 1998 and is located in New London, CT and Westerly, RI. Leading board-certified periodontist, Dr. Gregory A. Toback, received his B.A. from St. John’s University and his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Connecticut. He also received advanced training in periodontics and dental implants at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Dr. Toback focuses on minimally invasive surgeries, offering LANAP® and belongs to a small group of dental professionals currently providing the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique™ for treatment of gum recession. Dr. Marianne Urbanski has been voted one of Connecticut’s top dentists for more than seven years by Connecticut Magazine. Dr. Urbanski graduated cum laude from the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts where she earned a Bachelors’ degree in Biology. She also received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and her Masters’ of Dental Science degree from the University of Connecticut Dental School. Dr. Urbanski prides herself on offering caring, professional treatment to each patient. To learn more about Shoreline Periodontics and their dental services visit their website at or call 860-443-2428 for the New London, CT location, or 401-596-0000 for the Westerly, RI office.

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