The American Health Council Names Lisa Cavanaugh, PA to Physician Board


    NEW YORK, NY, January 16, 2018 — The American Health Council is proud to welcome Lisa Cavanaugh PA, who brings her extensive clinical training and expertise in Preventative and Hospitalist Medicine, to the Physician Board. With four years in her current position as a Physician's Assistant at Spectrum Health, she sharpens her clinical skills and works daily towards a mission of healthcare access for underserved populations on the front line of clinical care.

Cavanaugh comes from a legacy of medical professionals. Her mother was a Physical Therapist and her grandfather was a physician. As she spent time with them at their places of work throughout her childhood, Cavanaugh realized a passion for helping people through health care, and has continued to develop that into her own niche of caring for patients. Her passion continued to flourish as she carried out her coursework, where she fully understood her natural knack for medicine. In pursuit of academic excellence, Cavanaugh graduated with an MSN from Grand Valley State University in 2013.

Using this rigorous academic preparation, she employs her clinical proficiency at her current post with Spectrum Health, the biggest hospital in Grand Rapids, taking pride as an inpatient internist. Cavanaugh appreciates the opportunity to care for a large and diverse patient population. Cavanaugh's hard work, drive to help others, and strong interest and passion for healthcare have been recognized by her peers and supervisors. She is also a member of the Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants (MAPA). The American Health Council is proud to acknowledge these praiseworthy characteristics for their role in her notable professional success.

Cavanaugh explores her passion for healthcare and ability to deliver advanced specialized healthcare into her personal life as well. Intent on giving back to her growing community, she volunteers at a local gym, CrossFit Grand Rapids, doing preventive medicine educational programs to encourage active patient involvement in medical care and promote healthy clinician-patient dialogue.

In her leisure, Cavanaugh spends time with her rescue dog and tries to encompass a compassionate approach in all aspects of her life. Within the next five years Cavanaugh envisions increased preventative work specifically with community programs as with the local gym, with a primary focus on post-partum women and obese individuals.

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