The San Francisco Surrogacy Conference & Expo Returns with Gay Parenting Options in Both the USA and Canada


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“The conference offers gay men guidance and access to valuable resources in their journeys to fatherhood”


Men Having Babies (MHB) is a non-profit organization, led by parents and surrogates, that has been helping thousands of gay men worldwide become biological parents since 2012. For the fifth year in a row it is partnering to host its West Coast conference with the San Francisco based Our Family Coalition, an organization that promotes the equality and well-being of LGBTQ families with children.

This two-day conference brings together community activists, medical and legal experts, parents, and surrogate mothers. Prospective parents will benefit from practical and personal peer advice, and have opportunities to meet a wide range of leading providers from the USA and Canada at the Gay Parenting Expo, in breakout sessions and in private consultations.

“Our conference in San Francisco attracts prospective parents from across California, several other states, and even from some Asian countries,” said Ron Poole-Dayan, Executive Director of Men Having Babies. “For the first time the 2018 conference will offer Chinese simultaneous interpretation service. We hope to provide Asian men with guidance on how to work directly with USA and Canadian providers, avoiding the financial and ethical disadvantages of using additional layers of intermediaries.”

The conference kicks off with a panel discussion comprised of gay surrogacy dads and the surrogates who helped them in their journeys. Two workshops will be offered on planning the surrogacy journey and choosing providers, based upon the accumulated knowledge of hundreds of gay men who have already gone through the process. Other sessions will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the latest studies about gestational surrogacy, and insurance, budgeting, legal, medical and psychological aspects of surrogacy.

“Many prospective parents don’t know where to start in their journeys to becoming biological fathers and many feel overwhelmed with the vast amounts of information out there,” says Renata Moreira, Executive Director of Our Family Coalition. “This weekend is structured to offer unbiased guidance and access to valuable resources in their journeys to fatherhood.”

The San Francisco conference is one of six annual conferences held by Men Having Babies worldwide, with other conferences planned for 2018 in Austin, Chicago, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Brussels and New York.

Proceeds from sponsorship and exhibiting fees will benefit Our Family Coalition and MHB’s Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP), which annually provides dozens of prospective parents with over a million dollars’ worth of cash grants, discounts and free services from more than fifty leading service providers. Over the last 3 years, this program has helped more than 500 couples and individuals achieve their goals of becoming fathers. “If we truly wanted to make a difference by establishing Men Having Babies, we knew we had to help prospective parents financially achieve their dream of starting a family, and the GPAP program does just this,” said Anthony Brown, MHB’s Board Chair. “We want to give the opportunity to people who would otherwise not be able to afford surrogacy”.

The majority of the 28 exhibitors at the San Francisco conference are supporters of the Gay Parenting Assistance Program, including platinum sponsors San Diego Fertility Center and International Surrogacy Center, as well as Gold sponsors: Creative Family Connections, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, California Fertility Partners, WorldWide Surrogacy, Same Love Surrogacy, HRC Fertility, NW Surrogacy Center, Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine Create Fertility Centre, Pacific Fertility Center, and Family Source Companies.

“We were absolutely thrilled and honored to be a part of the Men Having Babies event,” said Maria Valencia, founder and CEO of International Surrogacy Center. “We love what we do and it’s so rewarding to provide our services within such an amazing network of professionals.”

“Our center’s goal is to provide intended parents with the resources, and financial assistance, to embark on their journey to fatherhood,” said Dr. Susanna Park of San Diego Fertility Center, “and our partnership with Men Having Babies provides us the opportunity to do just that. We are very proud, and honored, to participate in the San Francisco MHB conference.”

The event will take place on January 13th, 3 p.m. – 9 p.m., and January 14, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel, 609 Sutter Street, San Francisco. Go to for registration and additional information.

Note: while the event is organized by a gay parenting organization, non-gay prospective parents are also welcome and will no doubt highly benefit from the information provided.


Press inquiries: Contact Ron Poole-Dayan, executive director of Men Having Babies ron(at) / 646-461-6112. Interviews with parents, prospective parents, surrogates and experts can be arranged by request.

About Men Having Babies

With over 6500 future and current gay parents worldwide, the international nonprofit Men Having Babies (MHB) is dedicated to providing its members with educational and financial support. Each year over a thousand attendees benefit from unbiased guidance and access to a wide range of relevant service providers at its monthly workshops and conferences in NY, Chicago, Brussels, San Francisco and Tel Aviv. The organization’s Gay Parenting Assistance Program(GPAP) annually provides dozens of couples with over a million dollars worth of cash grants, discounts and free services from over fifty leading service providers. Collaborating with an advisory board made of surrogates, MHB developed a framework for Ethical Surrogacy that has received endorsements from several LGBT parenting organizations worldwide. In addition, MHB offers extensive online resources, a directory with ratings and reviews of agencies and clinics, a Surrogacy Speakers Bureau, and a vibrant online community forum.

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About Our Family Coalition

Our Family Coalition promotes the equality and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer families with children. We foster leadership in advocacy efforts that promote social justice to ensure that all the families in our community are respected and loved. The organization provides a variety of vehicles for LGBTQ families with children to engage effectively in public education and advocacy efforts that challenge the bias and discrimination that affect them. We aim to reach a diverse grassroots base of LGBTQ families where they are and engage them in challenging the many societal barriers they face.

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